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    The Wolf*Pack may rise again

    If they do change the name back, they should do it in the middle of the season....because obviously that's the best time and way to rebrand a sports franchise....
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    Story on Pirates lease situation

    I think "Gotcha, Hutch, I understand now......" may be the single greatest line in AHL Fans Board history.
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    Seriously, if Rowdy wanted to end the board on that line, it would be a better ending than the Sopranos finale at least.
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    I think it's safe to say that death has come to our attention a lot lately. Stripes55 passed away a couple weeks ago, and today the world lost the incomparable Leonard Nimoy. It was because of this that another member of the greater AHL fan community who we lost too soon was on my mind today. Jennifer Kemp, known to most of us who were on ahlboards.com and other message boards at the time as monarchs23, left this world on November 28, 2004. I had meant to post a 10th anniversary remembrance this past November -- the day after Thanksgiving -- but life intervened and I never got around to it. Jen was one of the founding members of the Manchester Monarchs Booster Club and was their Recording Secretary at the time of her passing. Like many people who inhabited the boards back then (and even now, I suppose), she was a "road warrior", frequently travelling to arenas far and wide in support of her beloved Monarchs. I never had the pleasure of meeting Jen, but those who did spoke of her kindness, her wit, and her passion for hockey and for life itself. Today would have been her 40th birthday. Happy birthday, Jen. We still miss you today.
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    The whole Tony Stewart thing

    You that it's okay, on occasion, to respond with a 1 or 2 sentence post. I promise we won't be mad at you.
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    Welcome back Utica?

    Oh yeah?!?Louistowne HOw dare you, Key, because The Lewiston MAINEiacs suspended because of the Sherbrooke Castors, if the Bears originally B'ars because HERCO might move them and the chocolate operation to Louisville under the Afr family to revive the Panthers, now San Antonio Rampage (formerly Stampede)!?
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    The Wolf*Pack may rise again

    It won't really matter if they go with Rangers or Wolf*Pack; the Whaler Whiners will have a conniption regardless.
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    2015-16 AHL Regular Season Schedule

    I've got the schedule loaded into my site ( http://www.mib.org/~lennier/hockey/ ), so you can use that for analysis now as well. For example, there are only 24 inter-conference games all year, with only five matchups - Rochester/GR (2x home/away), Toronto/GR (2x each home/away), Lake Erie/Rochester (2x home/away), Lake Erie/Toronto (2x home/away), and Manitoba/Toronto (4x home/away).
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    No, June 3rd is the greatest day in humanity. Today you can get Egg McMuffins for 63 cents each in celebration of National Egg Day.
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    New Woman's Hockey League for US

    From Puck Daddy: A new NWHL is starting with four teams in the Northeast. I hope that they are successful. It will help the US Olympic team. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/nwhl--new-women-s-hockey-league--promises-to-pay-players-145034940.html
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    New Woman's Hockey League for US

    I hope to the gods they allow full-check hockey in this league. I think it's asinine that women's hockey is no-check at the international level. Let these athletes play the ****ing game.
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    New Woman's Hockey League for US

    The 4 teams are going to be in NYC, Boston, Buffalo and Connecticut (Hartford?). That is all I know about. If it works, maybe they could try another division in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and St Paul in another year or two. I think that it would work in those cities. There must be some other areas with hockey fans in larger cities that would want to see high level women playing hockey. It would be good for NCAA players to have a place to go to after college.
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    They could always get a sponsorship from a certain washing machine company....
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    Thank you RowdyFan42 from Jen's mom and dad for the kind words of remembrance. Back in the day Jen and I spent a lot of time on these boards but I have not been here in a long time, had to reregister. The MMBC had a successful Bowl-a-thon today to raise money for our scholarship fund. We gave out 6 scholarships last year and hopefully can do the same again this year.
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    Important update on Stripes55

    I posted a note on Bob Rotruck's page. I figure that he'd be a good candidate to have a word with the PPL Center staff about what to do. Between the PPPC (Philadelphia Phantoms Phan Club), the AAHLBC, and the AHL Broomball, Jeremy gave a whole lot of time and energy supporting AHL teams and fandom. He deserves a tribute, preferably when his family and friends can be there to see it. In my ideal world, the LV Phantoms will reach out to them about this. If there's a way to tie in charitable donations to fight head and neck cancers at the same time, so much the better.
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    Phlex was the worst mascot ever! Some spandex-clad dude/and/or/dudess crawling across fans...should have been arrested. Never could see it as some kind of superhero outfit. Apparently Melvin is what Dax would look like if he were to stick his paw in a live electrical outlet. I think he is okay. They can't all be T-Bone or Bruiser! I understand the blue hands, but they don't go with the rest of the outfit.
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    I'm all for a short OT period. But if that ends in a tie, so be it. And keep in mind that back in the day on this board I was a HUGE advocate for eliminating ties. The thing that made me love and appreciate ties was the shootout. The first time I saw one I suddenly missed ties.
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    2014 FIFA World Cup thread

    When I think back to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, unpredictable comes to mind. And in a tournament with as much history as the World Cup, that unpredictable nature made it different from every single past event. New to the competition were three items that received lots of attention. The first was goal line technology whose aim was to eliminate such memorable blunders as this - And to its credit GoalControl worked, proving unequivocally several times that the system worked. The other item was what became known as "vanishing foam". A common gripe was that players would cheat the ball position or the placement of the wall on set pieces. By using a foam spray that would eventually dissipate, referee's had a visual point of reference to gauge who was moving. The spray worked well in FIFA as it has in CONCACAF and MLS who have used it for several years. The other item that didn't get much attention until later on was the laughed idea of "water breaks" midway through the first and second half. The concern of dehydration and the Brazilian heat and humidity was of such a concern to Brazil that they lobbied and successfully convinced FIFA to mandate it during match play when the wet bulb temperature exceeded 90 Fahrenheit. As for the game, It started out with the first match. Brazil defeating Croatia in a come-from-behind victory. The very next day the world watched the Netherlands dismantle the 2010 champion Spain with a 5-1 victory that spawned the first of several Meme's to come out of the tournament - Van Persie'ing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5rdNzP3Z7Y The United States began their entry into the World Cup with a bang as Clint Dempsey scored the game's first goal just 30 seconds into the event. The shot went down as the fifth quickest goal scored to start a match in World Cup history. The Yanks would then win the game in the final minutes as John Anthony Brooks entered the game in the second half and headed a goal on a corner kick, setting off pandemonium on the field and back in the states. In the meantime he earned this great mention on his Wikipedia page, Costa Rica, Los Ticos would became the pleasant surprise of the tournament as they knocked off Uruguay and Italy en route to first in the "other" group of death. They finished their World Cup qualifying in CONCACAF in second place behind the United States, yet were clearly the class of their group. Meanwhil it was Italy and England that earned jeers from their countrymen and supporters as they bowed out without making the knockouts for the first time since 1994 (England) and 1958 (Italy). They would be joined by Spain as the surprising departures after the group round. France enjoyed a nice revival after their humiliating exit in 2010. US surprised many by being the second nation to emerge from the group of death, leaving behind Portugal and Ghana. Algeria was another surprise, edging out Russia and South Korea to move on to the knockouts. Controversy wouldn't be a stranger at the tournament. Real concerns were abound as construction delays and eight deaths seemed to cause a delay to the event. FIFA also forced Brazil to change their national law which prevented alcohol sales inside stadiums - in no small part because Budweiser was one of the big sponsors. Numerous reports of alcohol-fueled fights and crowd problems in the stands were reported throughout the World Cup and caused several within FIFA to publicly comment that the change of the law was a mistake. Looming concerns of protests and riots was a contest thought as people remembered the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and the protests that featured so prominent in the World Cup dress rehersal competition. Officiating concerns were very prevalent. Serbian referee Milorad Mazic was called out for several poor calls and no calls in the Germany v Portugal match and the Argentina v Iran match. In the Brazil v Colombia match English referee Howard Webb was criticized by many in a match that featured 51 fouls. Seven yellow cards were assessed with five of them coming in the second half. A lasting negative image will be the scene where Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez bit Italian back Giorgio Chiellini. The incident without call, but would eventually be reviewed by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee who "eventually" agreed that Luis did in fack bite Giorgio and laid down of the strictest, farthest-reaching punishments to the effect of being banned from ALL football competitions for nation or club for four months, will be banned for the next nine international matches, and fined a monetary amount equivalent to $125,000 US. FIFA cited in their punishment the fact that Luis was an offender twice before, as well as an obvious lack of remorse in his following press releases. The Uruguayan Football Association president, the President of Uruguay, and several teammates all went public to defend him while at the same time criticizing FIFA for a punishment that would hurt their national team and their chances in the World Cup. A later appeal was rejected. As the knockout rounds continued to halve the competitors it largely went without surprises until the semifinals. In a game that was figured to be the unofficial match to decide the World Cup, Germany shocked Brazil and the world with a 7-1 victory. In just six minutes Germany scored four goals, their first five within the first 29 minutes of the match. Following another embarrassing loss at the hands of the Netherlands in a 3-nil loss, Brazilian national team coach Luiz Felipe Scolari resigned in disgrace shortly after the final match on July 13th. But the talk of the competition was the Germans. The result of a decade-ago instituted plan to invest in their national football program paid off in a group that scored a jaw-dropping 18 goals in their seven matches. Thomas Muller ranked second amongst all players with five goals. Six players scored more than a goal, more than any other nation in the World Cup - three more than the next nation in the Netherlands. Thomas Muller would earn the Silver Ball as the runner-up most valuable player of the tournament. Meanwhile he'd earn the Silver Boot as the runner-up with the the second highest goals scored by a player with his five scores. Goalkeeper Michael Neuer would finish second in the competition for the Golden Glove for best goalie. They also had five players selected to the All-Star Team based on the Castol Index. All in all, a great tournament to remember for some great and not-so-great moments. Change was a factor that added to the World Cup and one to look forward towards going into Russia 2018.
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    A lesson we all need to be reminded of sometimes. *goes to the penalty box, feels shame* AHLFANS minor penalty to number 42, RowdyFan, two minutes for "why the hell are you bothering?". Time of the penalty, 9:44.
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    Divisional realignment

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    Divisional realignment

    because you can't do a cross-over with 3 divisions when you are using conference-wide seeding system. Essentially, the whole playoff system being used now IS one giant cross-over.
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    AHL Arena Experience Rankings

    It's biased because Hutch disagrees with it! Duh!
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    Dear Lord.....

    Guys, I'm only going to say this ONCE. Keep it clean, or I WILL start handing out infractions. There will be hell to pay if you keep this childish crap up. K? Thnx.
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    Thanks guys! I'm getting old.
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    Hopefully, they end up in the same division as the Timbuktu Devils
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    Ummm, not really, Rowdy as the Malian government has only recently recaptured the city from the rebels and I heard that the hockey arena was damaged in the fighting. I'm afraid that Andrews and his cronies are going to have to delay implementation of the long-rumored 'Sahara Solution'
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    Wow!!! You win! I'd have to agree with you there, Gary, that one tops 'em all, no question! To think I was all of 6 years old back then...damn, have I gotten old! LOL I was only three, but my dad kept the ticket stubs and has photos of the day! Lake Palcid is only 90 minutes from Glens Falls. I have seen a bunch of national team hockey there over the years, different levels, sexes, always good though. Also gone to ski jump and bobsled competitions over the years. If you ever get a chance, it is worth the trip. Great beer at the Lake Palcid Pub and Brewery also!
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    Waiting until Rumblick posts and then just delete a few from his list.
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    Unlike most people here, I'm not a road warrior, so my list is downright pathetic. However, I do have one arena/team combination that I think only a couple other people here can claim to have notched on their belts. Times Union Center - Albany River Rats/Devils Glens Falls Civic Center - Albany River Rats* * - The Rats had to move most of a playoff series against the Bears to Glens Falls due to arena availability issues. Also, they played a handful of regular-season games up there in the ensuing couple of years as part of an effort to help the city lure another AHL team. And no, I haven't been to the GFCC for a Red Wings or Phantoms home game.
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    Here's wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas, and the hopes that Santa Claus will leave another AHL team in Glens Falls stocking for next year.
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    Shawn Thornton

    you lose, you clown, here's a direct quote on your original post, clown, from Bob McKenzie, "Shawn Thornton has never been disciplined for any incident, stick infraction or not". Uh, Hutch - use the whoe quote if youi're going to use McKenzie. He says Thornton has never been suspended, but will unquestionably be for this one, and for more than a few games. He also says he crossed the line by continuing the fight after Orpik refused to engage, and that he will face disciplinary action. I always think "Bertuzzi - Moore" when that argument comes calling. As to the Neal hit, he also says that one will end in a suspension for Neal. Seems like neither of them has anything to be proud of. Hate to inflict logic in the discussion, but ...................
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    Story on Pirates lease situation

    We can no longer put that on a meme under the header "Said no one ever..."
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    I'll call out anyone who rips any team, including ours, when, in fact, wouldn't any of us do the same if we had the original, individual team threads, Section, doesn't make any one of us here on par with everyone else.... his act is getting old fast, and all he seems to do is whine and complain, when in fact, none of this was the organization's fault, they just reacted to what the Trustees did, and that's where the vitriol should be leveled at, and rightfully so. When the fans are the ones getting screwed, the fans are going to complain and have every right to which is why a board like this exists. Sounds like there's a ton of blame to go around and I don't see t114 placing it at any one group's feet, he's just giving his experience as a season ticket holder....therefore, obviously the beef is going to be with the team who controls his seats/tickets. If the State of RI was at war with the Bruins over something about the Dunk, my frustration would probably still be vented at the team who I do business with even if they weren't wrong.
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    Man, Chris Farley died too soon. He would have nailed this guy.
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    Sorry I missed this too, Rowdy, Happy belated Birthday, big guy!
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    From all I've heard, Al, this will be the last season of AHL hockey in Glens Falls, not sure if it will come back or not honestly...I hear that the ECHL may be an option should the AHL not pan out for them...I do know they're still looking into teams, but nothing as of yet on anyone becoming available after this season..... Not sure what you meant about one will end up in Allentown though...again, I can't take this for certain, but PPL Center isn't due to be completed until early spring of 2014..Glens Falls will lose two games to Philly as I indicated below, Allentown won't host any games until they're ready to open up there next September or October...the below info I found on Philly.com: 'The first game in Philadelphia on Feb. 1 will be an afternoon stint against the Hershey Bears. The Flyers also have a game in Los Angeles at 4 p.m. that day, so it'd be cool if the Flyers did some sort of promotion where they let fans stick around and watch the Flyers game after the conclusion of the Phantoms game.' 'Three weeks later, in the middle of the NHL's Olympic break, the Phantoms will play host to the Bridgeport Sound Tigers at the Wells Fargo Center. It'll be nice to see live hockey in the midst of the Olympic break. The Albany Devils will again host four games at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall, but unlike in previous years, the Phantoms will not be a Devils opponent for any of those four games. Those Adirondack vs. Albany games in AC had previously been pretty heavy with Phantoms fans.' There will be AHL options at the end of the season. If a team is coming it will not be announced until March at the earliest. You don't want to lose a fan base by saying your team is leaving too early in the season. There also appears to be the possibility of local ownership for the first time. Someone putting up money is more attractive to a parent club then them footing the total bill.
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    Alignment for 2013-2014

    Nothing too shocking. Would have been cool to see the rebirth of the Empire Division but then I guess the rest of the divisions would be even more screwed up. Not like it matters when it comes to the schedule anyway.
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    That's the thing I could never understand about the Isles moving to Brooklyn - I've heard the hockey capacity was under 15K, and I'd also heard the configuration was extremely undesirable for the sport. Add that to the fact that they're moving into the heart of Ranger country, and I just don't know if this move is viable long-term.
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    Coyotes are staying for a least another 5 years. Who wants to bet Seattle and Quebec City will be getting expansion teams announced in the next year and starting in 2 years from now.
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    They should rename this team The Phoenix Clusterfucks. What a calamity this entire thing has been.
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    Blues officially vacate Peoria

    The Escalation of Violence on AHLFans.net Normally, an argument starts out like this: Things may start getting physical: Eventually, fists start to fly: And we're in the midst of one of these: If it gets really bad, you may want to hide:
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    Boston Marathon :(

    I see someone changes ideology as fast and as rationally as they switch teams. This should make everyone sleep well.
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    Nope, I did not...I just like to kick the Whalers folks in the nuts every single chance I get.
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    Welcome back Utica?

    NOt funny, Jacks! :-( How would you like the Bandits if not to move to Cincinnati without the Cyclones because of the Gunds owing the Thoroughblades, later Worcester Sharks if not for the Peoria Rivermen due to their likely relocation to ABBotsford :mad:
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    Waiting for the league to announce the 2016 All-Star Game will be played there.
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    "I would have put a bullet between your eyes". Yup, Texas.
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    Okay, so let's enjoy it while we can.
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    Soc/key Season

    Outdoor Classic

    Perhaps is did/will in another time and relative dimension in space.
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    Personally, I'm impressed that in 4 days, we have 37 members, that means there were at least 37 active enough members of the community still. Compared to some places, that's nothing to sneeze at.