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  1. It is widely assumed that they're going to make a massive push for the Rangers next year when Hartford's lease comes up for renewal again. I say, don't count your chickens before they hatch.
  2. Thank you, R.I.C.H. Nobody's offering specifics yet, but there are only so many indoor sports. My guess is they're talking to the Arena Football League and/or the NBA D-League. The return of the AFL would probably go over well, especially if they brought back the Firebirds name and logo and had the right people running the business end of things.
  3. Thank you for that. I shouldn't be too surprised; from Day One it was obvious this was a business deal, and one of last resort at that. The Devils had run out of bridges to burn, and Albany hadn't exactly acquitted itself as a desirable AHL market in the four years the Canes were here. The two sides needed each other, so they worked things out. The Devils were here because they got a good deal from the arena; it stood to reason that if they got a better deal somewhere else, they were out the door. Lo and behold, that's exactly what happened. Instead of losing seven figures and having to run the show themselves in Albany, they get to have someone else handle the business operations in Binghamton *and* they get $2 million in their pockets on top of that. A no-brainer, if you ask me.
  4. I guess I was wrong about Albany not moving to Binghamton. I still don't think Wichita's replacing them, though. It's starting to look like Vegas will indeed affiliate with the Wolves, but the 31st AHL franchise will remain non-existent for now. It's not clear yet whether St.Louis will renew their current deal with the Wolves or if there will be some shuffling around and someone else will come in to split the Wolves with Vegas.
  5. Well, what do you know, the rumor turned out to be true after all. And you know it's true if Pete Dougherty's reporting it; it still bothers him that he got taken in by the Portland-to-Albany rumor from a few years back, so if he's running with a rumor, you can trust that he believes there is a sufficient amount of truth behind it.
  6. With both the new calendar year and the halfway point of the season (for most teams) upon us, rumors of what will happen in the offseason are starting to trickle in. Here's what's been talked about so far: Binghamton is moving to Belleville, ON for the 2017-18 season. This is known. What is not known is what comes next; supposedly the B-Sens have a provision in their lease that guarantees a replacement team will be found should the Sens leave before the lease is up. The frontrunners at this time are Albany and Hartford; however, the Wolf Pack signed on to stay in Hartford through next season just last week, and the Devils extended their lease through 2018-19 back in April. My opinion: Neither team moves, and the Senators either stick around for one more year or pay a hefty penalty to break their lease. A rumor that just popped up out of left field on you-know-where is that should the Devils make the move down I-88, ECHL Wichita will move to Albany in their place. Yeah, okay. I'll believe it when I see it. The new NHL team in Las Vegas will need an AHL affiliate eventually, right? One idea I've seen floated is that Vegas will pair up with Chicago and allow someone else to grab the expansion AHL franchise; this makes sense to me because the Wolves enjoy a bit more control over their roster than your typical AHL club, and Vegas will likely appreciate having someone else handle their minor league operations for a couple years. Another rumor I've seen is that someone, be it the Vegas owners or someone else, will put the expansion team in Reno, long rumored to be an ECHL market-in-waiting. Anything else? Thoughts? Questions? Violent objections?
  7. Wow is right. And we thought the Pirates were fairly secure due to Cain's ownership. Turns out he was losing too much money. I wonder just how badly the year in Lewiston affected the Pirates' affairs.
  8. Well, they would need to OWN the Binghamton Senators first... small detail... Also, the arena in Belleville needs a few million dollars worth of renovations to bring it up to AHL standards. And, by all indications, the Sens seem to be happy in Binghamton. Granted, if they're dead set on having their prospects based in Canada, they'll figure out a way to make it happen. However, since both teams are (and will likely continue to be) in divisions where they'll be spending at least some time in the States, I'm not really sure how advantageous it would be to have their AHL club in Ontario rather than New York.
  9. I'm not sure if the league has any standards when it comes to screening at the entrances. (I was going to say simply "security", but surely they have some standards when it comes to security overall.) Since this was done at the request/demand(?) of Live Nation, I would assume the screening is at "security theater" levels when it comes to concerts. (I couldn't tell you; I don't remember the last time I attended a concert at the TU Center.) For other events, they probably figure a rudimentary pass through the metal detectors is sufficient. It's enough to catch most legitimate weapons, but it doesn't rise to the level of "harass and inconvenience everyone to make the paranoid few feel safe".
  10. Update: A blurb posted on the Times Union's website states that cameras will be allowed at Devils games, although they are still banned from other TUC events.
  11. I don't think they're expecting another attack so much as they're using the "threat" of terrorism as an excuse to get all nanny-state on us. You'll notice in the press release that these changes are mainly at the behest of Live Nation. That makes sense, as the camera ban sounds like something that would come from a concert promoter. As usual, I expect the restrictions to fade away once things calm down; this wouldn't be the first time the TUC has broken out metal detectors and camera bans in tense times.
  12. The Times Union Center has changed its security procedures in response to the recent terrorist attacks all over the world. Starting with tomorrow's Siena/UAlbany basketball games (so this will not be in effect for tonight's game against Syracuse), fans will have to enter the arena through metal detectors and may be subject to pat-downs if necessary. (The press release describes this as "similar to procedures used at the airport".) Also, cameras have been banned (update: but not at Devils games) (although cell phones are still allowed), as are large bags (over 13 5/8" x 15 1/4"). Since the first Devils game under the new rules won't be until the day after Christmas, hopefully they'll have worked out any kinks by then, but it's still something to keep in mind. Press release:
  13. So. That happened. Early Thursday morning, the site went offline. If you've been here in the past couple days, you saw a "this account has been suspended" message. I also received an e-mail to this effect; the source of the suspension looked suspect to me (an IP address in India), so I figured this site or maybe even the entire server must have been hacked somehow. (I use very strong passwords for the various control panels of the site, so it's fairly unlikely that a hacker could crack my password. Not impossible, but pretty close to it.) Just to backtrack a half-step: I have the ability to "suspend" the site much in the manner of what went down, so I assumed that's what happened. I mention this because it becomes important later. By the time I realize what's happened, it's Thursday afternoon. I do a couple of things to try to get back in, but to no avail. (Obviously.) So I file a support ticket and move on with my life. ... And then nothing happens. The rest of the day goes by, nothing. All of Friday goes by, still nothing. I probably should have tried to raise some hell on Friday, buuuuuut I didn't. Fear of confrontation or some stupid shit like that. Same thing for Saturday. Sunday (today), I figure that if something happens, great, otherwise I'll deal with it on Monday. A little while ago, I finally heard back from the support staff. Turns out we weren't hacked. Seems there was a bug in some account management software running in their India office, and that took the site down. Whoops. As for what took them so darn long to respond, I have no idea, but I'm kinda hoping that this bug affected so many people that it simply took them a few days to get back to everyone. In my mind, that's the only acceptable reason for ignoring a support ticket for a full business day. Anyway, we're back, and as far as I can tell, nothing's out of place. Sorry about that!
  14. ONE OF US!!! ONE OF US!!! ONE OF US!!!