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  1. The Binghamton organization's managing partner, Tom Mitchell, has denied there is a $2-million guarantee. He insists the arrangement with New Jersey, will be much like what they have with Ottawa, except that NJ will maintain ownership of the AHL franchise. Those yearly affiliation or operation fees are something New Jersey doesn't get from Albany, so not sure if over five years that totals $2-million -- but Binghamton's organization (BC Senators, INC or whatever they alter their name to) is on the hook for the Arena lease, office staff, and marketing; all of which New Jersey was responsible for in Albany.
  2. I didn't say there were rumors about us losing the Sens, BUT with all the talk of a Western push/lurch in 2015 or 2016 - most of the models I have seen of people predicting what the AHL would look like, they didn't tend to include Binghamton. So news of the continued affiliation of the Binghamton and Ottawa well past this projected western push seemed appropriate to the thread.
  3. Ottawa's extension of their affiliation agreement with Binghamton through the 2018-19 season underminds some of the idea that many of the smaller markets will be left behind by a Western push, as the movement of teams west would open better bigger cities here in the East. I haven't really seen any of these new AHL models with western cities that includes Binghamton as a member and we'll be around at least five more years!
  4. Binghamton will continue to host the American Hockey League affiliate of the Ottawa Senators for at least five more seasons... as they extend their agreement through the 2018-2019 season. http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/hockey/nhl/senators-extra/senators-extend-ahl-agreement-with-binghamton
  5. Iowa is the newest team... last in, first out... it just returns Iowa to Houston's old spot in the West/South division.
  6. If I remember correctly, the space under the seats at Glens Falls on the Zamboni side is the staging area for other events and is storage for floor seating, the basketball court, etc...
  7. The Cross Insurance Center is a brand new building though... so its not quite the same!
  8. SIMPLE - the cross over rule is no longer in effect, because we currently have equal divisions! The cross over rule is used to balance uneven divisions... for example 8 teams in one division and 7 teams in another... That was the AHL's case in each conference in 2010-2011. That year, Binghamton was 5th in the 8-team East Division and crossed over to 4th in the 7-team Atlantic Division because they had more points than the 4th place team in that division. Binghamton went on to win the Atlantic Division playoff crown, the Eastern Conference Championship, and the Calder Cup. When the AHL has equal division, as it presently has with each conference having three 5-team divisions, there is no unequal opportunity to make the playoffs, thus the cross over rule presently doesn't apply or exist.
  9. I think people / fans on here from outside of Maine are confusing Cross Insurance with BLUE CROSS of Blue Cross Blue Shield, which isn't much of a big deal. However, what will be confusing has really nothing to do with insurance providers nor the sponsor, as people in Maine are well aware of who Cross Insurance is, but what will be confusing is having two venues so close to each other with such similar names.... Cross Insurance Center in Bangor Cross Insurance Arena in Portland Especially tricky since the one being billed the "Arena" has been known as the Civic "CENTER" for the past 4 decades.
  10. The Syracuse Crunch and the Binghamton Senators will hold part of their training camps in FRANCE! The two will be involved in a 3-game, 4-team tourney in Lyon, France. Should be great team building time - the flights, the rooming, and exploration together. The schedule of games are as follows: October 2nd - Syracuse vs Binghamton (at Lyon) October 3rd (or 4th) - Syracuse vs. LHC Lions (at Lyon) * October 3rd (or 4th) - Binghamton vs Bruleurs de Loups (at Grenoble) * October 5th - Binghamton vs Syracuse (at Lyon) * - Date to be determined upon the release of the Magnus League schedule.
  11. All I know is that at the Outdoor Classic -- it really took an effort from fans and corporate partners in Syracuse and Binghamton to pull it off. In 2010, the title sponsor Mirabito is a Binghamton based company who's owners are Sens season ticket holders. It took cooperation from Dunkin Donuts in the Southern Tier partnering with the CNY franchises to pull off a Dunkin Donuts presenting sponsorship and then promoting the event in every location, including underwriting the discount coupons. Same with the Toyota sponsorship. Plus, pressure from state leaders from two regions allowed for the fairgrounds and its resources to be used free of charge. Despite the novelty of the first minor league outdoor game, cheaper tickets than this time around and thousands of tickets sold to Binghamton area zip codes the game only attracted 21,508 fans, which was well short of the 25k they were claiming they'd have. I'm just not sure how all of a sudden they're going to find 28K plus to top the indoor hockey attendance record in America as is their goal in the dome and that's why I said it'd be a flop. I am sure it will be fun and a site to see, but its just more gimmick hockey and PR for Howard.
  12. This will be a big ole FLOP... you see those ticket prices... $20 to $50
  13. More so than Binghamton? Yes. Really too easy to get to either locker room. The food court is on ice level at the Arena in Binghamton, its under the seats of sections 28, 1, and 2. Fans trying to get there use to regularly make a wrong turn into the locker rooms... so they began using those movable metal barriers to block the doors and create a lane for players. The Senators walk exposed for 45 feet from the dressing room door to the ice; while the visiting team comes out the door to fans waiting along the barriers for 10-15 feet before entering a movable tunnel that covers them past the rows of seats and onto the ice. The open corners of the Arena allows fans of both teams to slap their favorite players a high five before they hit the ice! Also, in Toronto, the Marlies walk right through the concourse and all the fans to get to the locker room from their bench.
  14. The Pens home attendance looked more first round than conference finals... OUCH! 3300?