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  1. This Kansas City rumor was hot a couple months ago. But everyone is denying it now. Which means it's either totally made up, or totally true but no one wants to confirm until later. (That's helpful logic, right?) http://www.kmov.com/story/33827728/report-blues-ahl-affiliation-to-move-to-kansas-city (Edit, just realized JMC-STL mentioned the same rumor, I would agree this could be a smoke-with-fire situation as he puts it . )
  2. If you want to have numbers to go along with gripes about how many games are in each season series (yes sign me up for 24 games against Rockford and Chicago alone) you can make yourself a copy of this google doc I created last year. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fvZe8n7U-sLtTxcE7lt0rhHjMwKgw4akIARfBxBMqjQ/edit?usp=sharing Make yourself a copy, paste in your favorite teams schedule from the AHL Team-by-team schedule page, and type in the opponents at the top and it will count the games for each opponent.
  3. As a former Admirals fan I really like the new logo! This looks much better than what they had. I like the one they had between 97-06ish and I like the "captian crunch" one from before that. Just wasn't a fan of the live skeleton thing. But I think this is a better version of it.
  4. #DanEllisProblems. Okay just had to do it, carry on.
  5. I guess this inspired me to make this. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bMJEI9XyrHhj5rPO4MerA_yWuUpBX05eXzurIq-Ims4/edit?usp=sharing This is basically adsfan's calculation for every possible points percentage in either a 68 or 76 game season sorted in one common list from best to worst record. So I guess you can think of this as a "what-beats-what" chart. To continue with adsfan's example, start on row 163. 68 points in a 76 game season beats 60 points in a 68 game season which beats 67 in a 76, which beats 66 in a 76, which beats 59 in a 68 which beats 65 in a 76 and so on and so on. If you hated reading that sentence, it's all Dave Andrews' fault.
  6. Yes, but the 76 gamers have 8 extra opportunities to get the 4 wins. I share your disappointment though, and I'm not pleased about the crossover either since that means this imbalance now affects two divisions and not one. At the end of the season, there's going to have to be a conversion chart basically to figure out clinching scenarios.
  7. I agree it's kinda dumb, but if you think about it, it really doesn't affect 3/4 of the league. It sucks for Texas and San Antonio for sure. However, I think Andrews made the calculation that he'd rather have placate the California teams than risk losing them entirely and this isn't as big a compromise to him as it is to the opponents on this thread. And yes, he made this same calculation to allow the relocations instead of just having these teams pull AHL affiliations entirely at the next possibility. (Although I do respect the comments that splitting AAA hockey may be inevitable.) Personally, I'm also not a huge fan of 3-in-3s, so I guess that means I'm pro-trimming the AHL schedule a bit. It sure would be better if everyone could've met in the middle on 72 games though instead of having entirely different schedules.
  8. NBC PHT has posted this. http://prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com/2015/06/13/report-ahls-pacific-division-teams-to-play-68-games-next-season/?utm_network=twitter&utm_post=3798847&utm_source=TW%20%40NHLonNBCSports&utm_tags=srm%5Bhockey%2Carticle%5D
  9. The good news I see is that if the playoff races are division based instead of conference based, then only one division of four is going to have this clusterschtupp. So just to put this in some perspective, it's really only the two Texas teams that are going to be hurt the most from a competitive standpoint, but it's not going to make that much difference to the other 23 teams in the league, except perhaps a California team would have an advantage in the Western Conference Final or Calder Cup Final. Don't get me wrong, I think it's bad for the Texas teams, and if they knew the California teams were going to stick to this schedule with the Texas teams sticking to 76, I would've suggested the Texas teams be added to the Central to form a 10-team division that gets 6 playoff spots. Leaving just two spots for the mini-schedule division. But back on the outline that Andrews is pointing out, I hope the AHL does this for only one year, realizes it's still dumb and compromises on a number like 72 games and we agree to act like the 15-16 season never happened .
  10. Just unbelievably unprofessional. I can't understand how the other 25 teams are allowing this at all. This is disappointing, maybe the AHL should still stick to total points as the playoff criteria and if you only play 68 games, that's too bad!
  11. Not exactly the topic, but I had a pretty horrific experience with Peoria Rivermen fans visiting the Xcel Energy Center in 2011. They pretty much cheered for this horrific Tyler Cuma injury. http://www.twincities.com/wild/ci_17380803 Was not sad when they lost their team two years later.
  12. So new AHL division alignment came out yesterday, they are returning to a 4 division setup, which I find a bit surprising, mostly because this means the California teams are not their own division, having to join the two Texas teams. I wonder if this throws some cold water on the notion that the California teams are going to get to play a different schedule? Which no one in this thread seems to like. http://theahl.com/ahl-announces-alignment-for-2015-16-p197883
  13. Wow, I didn't think we'd see this until right before the schedule came out like last year. I'm also surprised they're sticking the California teams in a division with the Texas teams after they went to so much trouble to create their own pod to avoid long trips. I do like the 4 division setup better than the 6 division setup and it looks pretty decent for my favorite team travel wise. A little surprised they have St. John's hopping over the Atlantic division to play against all the New York teams and Toronto, but I guess having two Canadian teams in the same division is all right. I'm just wondering what this means for the schedule controversy in the "How many games?" thread. http://www.ahlfans.net/forums/index.php/topic/589-how-many-games-2015-16-season/ Is this a sign that there is going to be a uniform schedule since the California teams don't make up their own division in a 4 division setup?
  14. Somehow both Edmonton and Calgary manage to figure out how to squeeze in 77 games between the NHL and WHL. You beat me to the punch there. I was going to bring up that exact fact. Plus, "scheduling nightmare"? Please -- go talk to the Staples Center, home to TWO NBA teams AND the Kings, as well as conventions, concerts, etc. Two hockey teams should be a doddle to schedule, especially in hockey-mad Winnipeg. I'll add Milwaukee to the list of heavily scheduled buildings, where the Admirals have to share the Bradley Center with the Bucks (NBA) and Marquette Men's Bball (NCAA) as well. Used to also have the Milwaukee Wave (whatever the indoor soccer league is called these days) as well before they moved down the street to the old Milwaukee Arena.
  15. For those teams that are owned by the NHL, it'll easily be the NHL parent team Traveling will be considered part of "the cost of doing business". And given the difference between the NHL and AHL operating budget, any additional costs by the AHL team will be just a drop in the bucket, a small line on the operating ledger of the NHL budget. I am pretty sure like most AHL teams, this new division will play about 80% of their road games against one another. This is part of why this move didn't happen until 5 teams could make the move together. It seems to me that the AHL Schedule "Formula" (term used loosely) is that teams only have to play one home-and-home against each team in the same conference and the rest of the teams can agree to the number of games in their series. (And with few exceptions this number between east and west is usually 0.) This is why Iowa plays more games against Milwaukee, Rockford, and Chicago than the other teams outside their division, for example. It'll probably make a difference come playoff time with the Western Conference so spread out, but I think it'll hardly be noticeable in the regular season. And the teams that make their required strings out west will surely do so on one swing to mitigate the expense.