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  1. Really? Of the teams Providence plays most often, only one (Portland) is affiliated with a divisional rival. They do not play Montreal, Tampa, Detroit, or Ottawa's farm teams, and they play Toronto and Buffalo's farm teams only twice. Better re-check your information on this claim.
  2. More of the same for Providence. 14 versus Portland & Springfield (oddly only 8 against Hartford). Only 11 teams overall on the schedule, only 3 new teams from last year (Utica, Rochester, Toronto, 2x each). No Binghamton, No Syracuse.
  3. Robins said he is finally over the concussion symptoms, but with them lasting so long, he does not want to risk further concussions and possible long term damage. Smart choice, he should have a good future ahead of him.
  4. They need to go back to the drunk Cap'n Crunch logo. Still one of my all-time favorites...
  5. they are eligible to return. Pastrnak may go to the World Championships instead.
  6. They could always get a sponsorship from a certain washing machine company....
  7. One of the members of the P-Bruins fan club wore a Phantoms jersey last night as his tribute to Stripes. He touched many people in our little community. RIP.
  8. I was at the game, and there were no pins. If they were there, they would have had to have sold out within the first hour of the event, because that's when I was in the Pro Shop. The woman who runs the shop said she screwed up and didn't order any. She was clearly frustrated by everyone asking for pins that weren't there.
  9. Nice piece. We were at that game too, wish I knew more members, I would have stopped by and said hi
  10. Interesting question from the 'Lemonade from Lemons' department in this whole mess: would a Bruins-affiliated ECHL team be able to tread water in an AHL city just outside I-495? I think if Worcester became Boston's ECHL affiliate, they would do better attendance-wise than they ever did in the AHL
  11. I can. I was a Patriots fan in the 70's, 80's, and 90's
  12. Stay tuned for the first piece of news that we have all been waiting for. http://www.unionleader.com/article/20150121/SPORTS0702/150129842/0/SPORTS04
  13. That was worse than anything that happened to the Bruins. Closer to what the Bruins did to the Leafs.
  14. I read that story. Very sad. Like 109 said, at least he got the call for a few games.