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    Attending hockey games & collecting hockey jerseys. I've traveled to seven AHL arenas over the last few years, along with many other minor league, junior, college & NHL venues. My wife & I usually attend 7 to 10 games in several different cities each season. See my arena photo set at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jmc-stl/sets/.
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  1. Very good work, Rich, thanks for sharing. Out of idle curiosity, how did you choose the sequence of mascots in your layout? It doesn't appear to be alphabetic by team name nor by mascot name. Questions like this are the reason my wife stopped asking for my opinion on the arrangements of her quilt block patterns.
  2. From: The Hockey Writers >> Other Leagues >> AHL
  3. JMC-STL

    2017-18 AHL schedule unveiled

    As long as they don't have to take the bus, I think they'll be OK.
  4. JMC-STL

    2017-18 AHL schedule unveiled

    From: The American Hockey League > News
  5. JMC-STL

    2017-18 AHL schedule unveiled

    From: The American Hockey League > News
  6. JMC-STL

    AHL BOGs Commit to Expansion in 2018-19

    On my first pass at the League home openers announcement (thanks, adsfan), I missed this important detail: "The complete 2017-18 regular-season schedule will be unveiled on Tuesday, July 11, at 3 p.m. ET."
  7. JMC-STL

    AHL BOGs Commit to Expansion in 2018-19

    My wife & I can only attest to the public areas of Panther Arena, after our visit for two Admirals games in April. It's a simple but comfortable arena. I was most impressed by the new center-hung video boards (very crisp images) & the new lighting system (especially the multi-colored ice surface lighting capability). MUCH better game-night experience than Bradley Center had come to offer.
  8. JMC-STL

    AHL BOGs Commit to Expansion in 2018-19

    It's wasn't just Milwaukee contributing to the annual AHL schedule delay. Cleveland & San Antonio also play second fiddle to NBA teams playing in the same arenas. But I hope you're right about an early schedule release this season, adsfan - I've still got some dates to fill in on my road trip calendar.
  9. From: The American Hockey League > News
  10. From: SB Nation > All About The Jersey Blog
  11. JMC-STL

    2017 AHL Calder Cup Finals

    And the Griffins take a 2-0 series lead, beating Syracuse 6-5 in an exhausting game that went to double overtime. Both goaltenders were beatable in regulation, and it was another seesaw game through 60 before the Crunch's Mike McKenna & especially GR's Jared Coreau elevated their games. The visitors dominated the offensive play late in the third period & well into the second extra period, but both sides were showing their fatigue when the Griffs scored the OT winner on a quick transition play in the Syracuse end. Both teams will certainly appreciate the rest, as the Finals move to NY State for Game 3 on Wednesday night and at least Game 4 scheduled for Friday night.
  12. JMC-STL

    2017 AHL Calder Cup Finals

    Griffins take Game 1 by a 3-2 score, after breaking the tie on a power play goal with just 14 seconds left in regulation after Syracuse was nailed for a too-many-men penalty. This was a very competitive game that could've gone either way. The Crunch appear to be the toughest matchup for the Griffins in this year's playoff run. Oughta be a very entertaining series. AHL Live! is offering free streams of all Finals games again this season - don't miss 'em.
  13. From: The American Hockey League - 01 June 2017
  14. JMC-STL

    2017 AHL Calder Cup Finals

    From: TheAHL.com > News
  15. JMC-STL

    Conference finals schedules set

    Griffs 'n' Crunch in the Finals, starting Friday June 2nd in GR.