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    Attending hockey games & collecting hockey jerseys. I've traveled to seven AHL arenas over the last few years, along with many other minor league, junior, college & NHL venues. My wife & I usually attend 7 to 10 games in several different cities each season. See my arena photo set at:
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  2. Griffs 'n' Crunch in the Finals, starting Friday June 2nd in GR.
  3. Both Conference Finals series stand at 3-1 going into Saturday night's action ... Crunch throttle Bruins to take 3-1 series lead Griffins reel in Barracuda, go up 3-1
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  5. From: The Hockey Writers > Previews & Predictions
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  7. As I feared, the Griffins were just too much for the Wolves to handle. So the Western Conference finals match-up is set ... Barracuda, Griffins to meet for West title Meanwhile in the East, Hershey & Syracuse hold 3-2 semifinal series leads. ETA: Make that a 3-3 series.
  8. Did I miss a 2017-18 schedule release from the AHL? You folks seem to be presuming the new divisional alignment will bring play among all teams in a given conference. I'm thinking all this realignment does is weight any given team's schedule toward its own division members. The Pacific are quite likely to still be dancing to their own tune of reduced game totals, and they will largely stick with their own kind. The North seems to offer the most early interest, with the new & relocated teams. Otherwise, I don't see any balance-of-power shifts with the latest shuffle.
  9. From: The American Hockey League > News
  10. It takes time to get enough Dunkin' Donuts ready for that big playoff crowd in Providence.
  11. From: AHL Insider Newsletter - May 3, 2017
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