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  1. From: The Hockey Writers >> Other Leagues >> AHL
  2. As long as they don't have to take the bus, I think they'll be OK.
  3. From: The American Hockey League > News
  4. From: The American Hockey League > News
  5. On my first pass at the League home openers announcement (thanks, adsfan), I missed this important detail: "The complete 2017-18 regular-season schedule will be unveiled on Tuesday, July 11, at 3 p.m. ET."
  6. My wife & I can only attest to the public areas of Panther Arena, after our visit for two Admirals games in April. It's a simple but comfortable arena. I was most impressed by the new center-hung video boards (very crisp images) & the new lighting system (especially the multi-colored ice surface lighting capability). MUCH better game-night experience than Bradley Center had come to offer.
  7. It's wasn't just Milwaukee contributing to the annual AHL schedule delay. Cleveland & San Antonio also play second fiddle to NBA teams playing in the same arenas. But I hope you're right about an early schedule release this season, adsfan - I've still got some dates to fill in on my road trip calendar.
  8. From: The American Hockey League > News
  9. From: SB Nation > All About The Jersey Blog
  10. And the Griffins take a 2-0 series lead, beating Syracuse 6-5 in an exhausting game that went to double overtime. Both goaltenders were beatable in regulation, and it was another seesaw game through 60 before the Crunch's Mike McKenna & especially GR's Jared Coreau elevated their games. The visitors dominated the offensive play late in the third period & well into the second extra period, but both sides were showing their fatigue when the Griffs scored the OT winner on a quick transition play in the Syracuse end. Both teams will certainly appreciate the rest, as the Finals move to NY State for Game 3 on Wednesday night and at least Game 4 scheduled for Friday night.
  11. Griffins take Game 1 by a 3-2 score, after breaking the tie on a power play goal with just 14 seconds left in regulation after Syracuse was nailed for a too-many-men penalty. This was a very competitive game that could've gone either way. The Crunch appear to be the toughest matchup for the Griffins in this year's playoff run. Oughta be a very entertaining series. AHL Live! is offering free streams of all Finals games again this season - don't miss 'em.
  12. From: The American Hockey League - 01 June 2017
  13. From: > News
  14. Griffs 'n' Crunch in the Finals, starting Friday June 2nd in GR.
  15. Both Conference Finals series stand at 3-1 going into Saturday night's action ... Crunch throttle Bruins to take 3-1 series lead Griffins reel in Barracuda, go up 3-1