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  1. New look Pirates hit the ice for the first time By Chris Roy | Updated: September 29, 2015 READ MORE>>>>>>
  2. Pirates release training camp schedule By Chris Roy | Updated: September 22, 2015 READ MORE>>>>
  3. Panthers make first roster cuts By Chris Roy | Updated: September 22, 2015 READ MORE>>>>
  4. Pirates unveil 2015-2016 uniforms By Chris Roy | Updated: September 8, 2015 Read More>>>> The third jersey is a throwback to the Pirates first season in Portland.
  5. Pirates 2015-16 schedule released READ MORE>>>> The Pirates Matrix breakdown Providence - 14 Springfield - 12 Hartford - 10 Bridgeport - 10 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton - 6 Hershey - 4 Utica - 4 Lehigh Valley - 4 St. John's - 4 Syracuse - 2 Toronto - 2 Albany - 2 Rochester - 2 Portland will not play any western conference teams or Binghamton​
  6. Pirates to place players in Manchester for 2015-2016 season By Chris Roy | Updated: August 7, 2015 READ MORE>>>> ​
  7. This is really a cleaning of the house by the Coyotes. Edwards was a hire of Brad Treliving. When he left for the Flames GM job, Edwards and staff had been given an extension already. Edwards was given the Pirates GM job as well, but when current Coyotes Asst. GM Darcy Regier was hired those duties went away. Now with the team going to Springfield, Regier wants his own people in charge and so I think this is more about starting fresh than anything else. I expect that we'll Ron Rolston, who is a pro scout with the Coyotes now, hired as the AHL coach and I would be shocked if Chad Cassidy - former Amerks HC - isn't brought along too. The equipment guys and medical staffs are just collateral damage in the house cleaning in my mind. It's really the change in coaching staff that's newsworthy because I fully expect Regier to bring in a lot of his Sabres expatriates
  8. That is the plural form.... Barracuda is both singular and plural in nature much like you would refer to moose, deer and bigfoot. They're called invariant nouns.
  9. Szwarz is only up there until Erat is healthy.... His recall is currently an emergency recall. Even if it changes Portland will get him back in two weeks.
  10. No it wasn't... It was the first thing you saw. I wrote earlier in the week that Florida could be moving their operations to Portland. I told you this over at HF and I will tell you again here. You need to stop arguing with every friggin person out there because you think you know everything. All it does is get people pissed at you which leads you to get mocked and ridiculed so just stop. Stop pissing people off.
  11. The story is nothing... It's about a tweet. There is no quote from a source. There is no substantiated or corroborated information. It's a tweet. Here's an actual story with information from Springfield's ownership. I won't say it couldn't happen, but before we stamp this as a done deal let's remember this all started over a tweet. READ MORE>>>>
  12. It's Eric Joyce.... please source your information. Some of us actually have to feed our families.
  13. Florida Panthers to be Pirates new NHL affiliate By Chris Roy | March 18, 2015 READ MORE>>>>>
  14. Pirates to join forces with the Florida Panthers By Chris Roy | March 17, 2015 READ MORE>>>>
  15. This is hutch being hutch again and not explain everything accurately.... Sun Sentinal reporter Harvey Filakov sent out a tweet that Florida was moving their AHL affiliate from San Antonio to Portland at the end of the season. It's going to be Florida coming to Portland, not the Capitals. They're likely to stay to Hershey.