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  1. First place last year and 2nd this year. Looking forward to next season. Thank You so much for doing this each year!
  2. Manitoba Utica Lehigh Valley Providence Rochester WB/S Hartford Toronto Milwaukee Rockford San Antonio Stockton Tucson SATURDAY Toronto Utica Grand Rapids Hershey Milwaukee Syracuse Hartford WB/S Providence Chicago Texas Stockton Bakersfield Tucson
  3. Missed Friday here are my Saturday picks. Stockton Charlotte Bellville Providence Lehigh Valley Utica Toronto WB/S Chicago Texas San Diego Tucson
  4. Grand Rapids Syracuse Hershey Binghamton Lehigh Valley Rochester Bridgeport WB/S Tucson Manitoba Texas Stockton Ontario San Diego Saturday Manitoba Hartford Hershey Tucson Grand Rapids Rockford Syracuse Rochester Lehigh Valley Utica WB/S Chicago San Antonio Ontario San Diego
  5. Toronto Syracuse WB/S Providence Rochester Charlotte Grand Rapids Rockford San Antonio Ontario SATURDAY Hartford Charlotte Toronto San Diego Grand Rapids Chicago Syracuse WB/S Providence Rochester Manitoba San Antonio San Jose Tuscon
  6. Toronto Grand Rapids Bridgeport Utica Providence Syracuse Lehigh Valley San Antonio Texas San Jose San Diego Tucson SATURDAY Charlotte Utica Iowa Hershey Syracuse Lehigh Valley Hartford Chicago Manitoba Ontario Tucson San Diego
  7. Friday Hershey @ Syracuse Springfield @ Utica Wilkes-Barre Scranton @ Binghamton Bridgeport @ Lehigh Valley Providence @ Rochester Hartford @ Charlotte Belleville @ Laval Chicago @ Milwaukee Iowa @ San Antonio Texas @ Tucson Stockton @ Bakersfield San Diego @ Ontario Cleveland @ San Jose Saturday Providence @ Toronto Hartford @ Charlotte Belleville @ Laval Rockford @ Milwaukee Rochester @ Syracuse Hershey @ Binghamton Utica @ Springfield Grand Rapids @ Wilkes-Barre Scranton Lehigh Valley @ Bridgeport Manitoba @ Chicago Cleveland @ San Jose Texas @ Tucson San Diego @ Bakersfield
  8. San Jose Tucson WB/S Syracuse Utica Lehigh Valley Providence Hartford Bridgeport Milwaukee San Antonio Ontario SATURDAY Providence Toronto Bridgeport Milwaukee Hershey WB/S Syracuse Lehigh Valley Springfield Manitoba Texas Bakersfield
  9. Stockton Lehigh Valley Utica Binghamton Providence Toronto Charlotte WB/S Hershey Milwaukee Tucson San Jose SATURDAY Manitoba Toronto Laval Bridgeport Iowa Providence Hershey WB/S Utica Lehigh Valley Texas Tucson Ontario
  10. Toronto Utica Providence WB/S Lehigh Valley Hershey San Jose Saturday Texas Charlotte Hershey Toronto Rockford Binghamton Hartford Providence WB/S Chicago Manitoba Stockton Tucson San Diego
  11. Toronto Manitoba Grand Rapids Syracuse Utica Lehigh Valley Providence Springfield Chicago Milwaukee Tucson Ontario SATURDAY Toronto San Jose Charlotte Providence Grand Rapids Hershey Iowa Syracuse Utica Rochester Tucson Milwaukee Ontario
  12. Bridgeport Syracuse Cleveland Bellville Lehigh Valley Providence Toronto Hershey Milwaukee Manitoba Texas Iowa Tucson Stockton SATURDAY Toronto Bridgeport Providence Hershey Milwaukee Syracuse Rochester WB/S Chicago Texas Ontario Tucson San Jose
  13. Friday Syracuse Toronto Utica Lehigh Valley Providence Bridgeport Hartford Manitoba Rockford Stockton Tucson Bakersfield Saturday Rochester Hershey Iowa Rockford Laval Toronto Lehigh Valley Providence WB/S Charlotte San Antonio Texas Milwaukee Tucson San Diego
  14. Rockford Toronto Providence Springfield Hartford Laval Bakersfield Texas Milwaukee Tucson San Diego Stockton SATURDAY Rochester Laval Providence Grand Rapids Hershey Milwaukee Syracuse Toronto Chicago Manitoba Tucson Stockton San Diego
  15. WB/S Grand Rapids Syracuse Lehigh Valley Providence Rochester Toronto Hartford Milwaukee Bakersfield Tucson San Jose Stockton SATURDAY Iowa WB/S Toronto Bellville Providence Grand Rapids Syracuse Utica Lehigh Valley Ontario Texas Bakersfield Tucson