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  1. I don't think it will age too well, but for now, it's great!
  2. I guess I'm a TINY minority, but I still don't mind it any more than I mind the unbalanced scheduling that the league has been using forever. It's a given (unfortunately) that some teams play easier schedules than others. In the past, the relative ease/difficulty has come from the opponents that teams face. Now, teams have different difficulty based on the number of games they play. I don't see much difference. With divisional playoffs, the Calder Cup playoffs become something a bit like the NCAA tournament, which I think is a completely legitimate way to deal with unbalanced scheduling. The division/conference crowns a champion from their teams (all of whom have similar schedules), who then goes on to take on the other divisional champions. It's almost like the World Series pre-interleague play. Not ideal, but really no worse than we had before, IMO.
  3. One of the worst I've ever seen. Worse than Bertuzzi, IMO, even if the outcome was better (thankfully!).
  4. I actually don't think it's nearly as bad as it sounds. (And yes, I admit that it sounds terrible.) Here's the thing: the AHL's schedule is woefully unbalanced anyway. Some teams already end up with far easier roads to the playoffs than others, either through scheduling or divisional alignments. Considering that no two teams are really on equal footing already, I don't see this making things much worse. Depending on how they end up scheduling, they might even be able to spin this into something relatively positive. Given the isolation of the Pacific division teams, there seems to be the possibility to Pacific teams' schedules balanced within the division. If the league can do that, then we'll have an "undisputed champ" of the Pacific division, which is more than you can say about most of the rest of the league. Given the shorter schedule, I'd say that the Pacific should get fewer playoff spots, but given the balance, the spots they get should be higher-quality. At the end, you end up with higher-quality, but less tested team representing the Pacific in the playoffs, which should even out.
  5. Like it a lot, but don't quite love it. I do love that bird between the L and the S, though. One of my best friends is out in San Diego, now I have an excuse for visit #5! haha. Gonna try to pair a Gulls game with a soccer game in Tijuana as soon as I can!
  6. It's the smart play, but admittedly more than a little cheap, and probably something that should be reviewed in the rule book for future years. I'd give the refs the power to call the penalty shot for delay of game AND a 2-minute minor for unsportsmanlike conduct. Either that or a 5-minute major if you want to prevent the move even more. Then again, 2-on-0s happen SO rarely that it's barely an issue.
  7. I saw enough Crunch games in college to develop a soft spot for them.
  8. If NHL expansion happens, Seattle-Anchorage would be one of the cooler affiliations.
  9. They put up the nets to protect the seats behind the goal after a one in a million incident. If this prevents a one in a million incident, well, the precedent is there. I'm not opposed.
  10. I saw this thread and instinctively looked at the floor around my ankles. I hate snakes...
  11. I guess I'm in the minority, but I like all of them. Well, sort of. I don't love any of them, but they are all a step in the right direction. --The new overtime rule reduces shootouts. I loathe shootouts, so it's an improvement. --The helmet rules seems stupid, yes. But at some point soon, an NFL player is going to die on the field from a hit. And when that happens, ALL contact sports are going to come under a microscope. If the Dmitri Uchaykin incident had happened in North America, we'd probably have full-face shields already. Overtures like this gets hockey out in front of the debate. --Same thing when it comes to fighting. I like hockey fights more than 90% of hockey fans. But after Boogaards, Rypien, Belak, and Probert, I can't help but feel like I have blood on my hands. I don't know if it's because guys are getting stronger all the time, or because medicine has come far enough to make the link between brain damage and playing career. But in either case, I think even fighter-lovers like me have to realize that fighting needs to be curtailed, at the very least. This does that.
  12. I wonder if the AHL teams are getting appearance fees for this, similar to how European soccer teams bring in big bucks for playing preseason games in the US. Not that we'd be talking big bucks or anything, but maybe something? With the IIHF Worlds Coming to Paris, this might be a good way to bring some some (minor) press to the sport. Just a thought. Also, when was the last time an AHL team went to Europe? Rochester to the Spengler Cup in the late 90s?