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  1. They simply would make their own development league. Interesting battle looming between privately owned and NHL owned franchises.
  2. Got a ADK Flames shirt fir $3.50 and a player equipement bag for $60. Fire sale was great!

  3. Would there be a possibility that the new California teams play a few games in their NHL parent rinks? That could solve the issue of six less games on some teams home schedules. Phantoms played games in Philly, Bingo in Ottawa, and Hamilton in Montreal.
  4. I will be going to the Adirondack Thunder games, but will keep an eye towards Stockton and Calgary. No different than what I did this season with the Phantoms and the Flyers. I will go to a majority of games in Glens Falls but will head to Albany if a team coming to town interests me.
  5. Boring...Logo is a bit sad also.
  6. With the way Calgary appears to be running operations, they will go with Scorch. The mascot costume has already been shipped from GF!
  7. Building reopened yesterday. The damage was only to the fa├žade and not to the actual structure of the building. First reports were great around here though. Times Union, out of Albany, reported that the roof had collapsed!
  8. King David was on XM NHL channel yesterday talking about the AHL move to the West. He was asked about realignment for next year and he said they were not "putting much effort" into yet. He was talking about the fact that there would be more movement at the end of the season of franchises. He said no one else was going to the west but there was possible movement of teams upcoming. I know Albany's lease is up, but who else? Also he said that when and if the NHL expands, the AHL will follow suit. Whatever number of teams are in the NHL the AHL will also have, be that 32 or 34. "There are a lot of markets that want AHL hockey."
  9. Stockton to Glens Falls Bakersfield to Norfolk Ontario to Manchester I guess some hockey is better than no hockey. Got to go and find the ECHLfans page in May!
  10. Sometimes it happens to be lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Took my boys to breakfast this morning with their grandfather and Petro was at the spot. He openly talked about the fact that one team was leaving and another team was coming to Glens Falls. He made mention of 8 teams that will be moving west. Also that the independent owners are in trouble if the NHL team wants their franchise. It was nice to see how frank he was, but also a bit of that used car salesman in him, as he did not mention names or leagues. He also believes that Portland is in trouble. Although I check this one off as sour grapes.
  11. Can I bring the Adirondack Flames jersey I got for Christmas back?

  12. Begin singing! Let it go. Let it go. I thank the Phantoms for allowing us to prove this market was still an AHL market, but I broken all ties with them for the product they put on the ice for five years. I understand there is a shift in philosophy with Hextall now in charge, but we were treated to bad hockey for five years. It is very evident when you see what Calgary has sent here and the changes with the Phantoms now in Allentown.
  13. Anyone that is playing the Devils for the most part. I pay attention to Grand Rapids(Red Wings in the blood) and can't wait to see them this year.
  14. AlJensen

    Flaming Poop!

    Local weekly paper ran a picture of a girl at the Glens Falls Halloween parade dresses as Scorch. I can only imagine that Petro had to cringe when he saw this!