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  1. I wouldn't have predicted this in 100 years. I thought Hershey had a shot to win the series in 7 games if a lot of things went their way. I thought Toronto in 5, with a couple blow outs by Toronto was more realistic. Even after Hershey won the first two I still thought this series had 6 games written all over it. Hershey played amazingly well in the first two games, but Toronto wasn't slacking off. Hershey just dug deep and overcame in 2 very tight games. I figured with 4 of the last 5 in Toronto it was going to be a severe uphill battle when with the 2-0 series lead. But the 8-2 blowout in game 3 came out of absolutely no where. I was sure Toronto would win this one. At home, looking to prove something. Being the genuinely better, more talented team. Etc etc.. But game 3 was an outright ass whipping. I mean there were 2 short handed goals on 1 penalty that were significant as they put the game out of reach early in the 3rd. I know the series isn't over. I know Toronto is really good and if they figure out how to turn it on they could make a series of this again. I am encouraged by something the BEars radio announcer said (technically the Caps radio announcer) about the Toronto Raptors playing a playoff game and the Red Sox being in town to face the Blue Jays both during Friday's game 4. You have to think that the Marlies aren't going to be more coveted ticket in town so maybe that building will be quiet.
  2. Because that's what the desert needs...more ice hockey. Now there can be two teams out there no one gives a darn about.
  3. Wow. I saw the second to last game of the Skipjacks (Last home game) when they pummeled the Rangers in game 6 of the opening round of the 1993 playoffs. It tore my heart out when they moved for Portland after that season to become the Pirates. I hated Portland for a long time because of that. (Like it was somehow Portland's fault that the attendance at a Skipjacks' home game was usually me, my dad, and like only 6 other people, including the goal judges) Then this week I saw the Pirates' final game ever in Hershey. Strange how stuff like that happens.
  4. I missed this....what the heck happened here? This doesn't look like working and playing well with others. 2 - HER Gazley, 12:57 - Unsportsmanlike conduct, 2 min 2 - HER Gazley, 12:57 - Misconduct - Unsportsmanlike conduct, (75.4) 10 min 2 - HER Sill, 12:57 - Misconduct - Continuing altercation, (46.5) 10 min 2 - HER Walker, 12:57 - Unsportsmanlike conduct, 2 min (PP) 2 - POR Acolatse, 12:57 - Misconduct - Continuing altercation, (46.5) 10 min 2 - POR Wilson, 12:57 - Unsportsmanlike conduct, 2 min 2 - POR Wilson, 12:57 - Misconduct - Unsportsmanlike conduct, (75.4) 10 min
  5. No, wildfires will ruin hockey in California for the next century! Actually the most likely scenario is that California hockey is ruined because they run out of water to make the ice with.
  6. Sand Diego gets my vote as teh best possible road trip!
  7. That some teams get to play 8 less games is a joke. Thats' 8 less games of wear and tear come playoff time. 8 less games for injuries to occur and a team to be left at a disadvantage. Its' 8 weeks during the season with 1 fewer game, giving everyone more time to recover. It's just dumb. For the new OT rules, I like that they wel 3 on 3, but hate that they dropped it back to 5 minutes. Teh 4 on 4 then switch to 3 on 3 was a little overly complicated. I'd prefer 3 on 3 for 7 minutes. I'd like to see a list of what can be reviewed via coache's challenge. And I don't understand about the 'first stick on the ice during faceoffs' rule. What's that about?
  8. I wonder if they would have passed out Hartford jerseys for us all to wear for the 'away' games....
  9. This just turned in the best thread on the entire internet today. Well played, gentlemen.
  10. I've seen various sports played on neutral ground for whatever reason. Weather, availability of the venue, riots that nearly force an O's Rays series to be played in DC, etc. In those situations both teams usualyl deal with a nuetral crowd. But this is going to be the first game in sports history where both teams have a road disadvantage. Should be interesting if nothing else.
  11. It's cool. But I agree...the greenish color should be their primary. STill...glad to have them back. I hope they can draw as well with the Jets in town though. I'm sure in Winnepeg that won't be a huge issue.
  12. It'd be great to have Manitoba back in the league. I thought they were one of the best additions to the AHL in the last 30 years. However I can't imagine how 2 teams in one building works. For starters it's a scheduling nightmare. The ice would get pretty beat up with 75-80 games on it. I have to think the NHL would take issue with that. You'd think the team would have to be branded as the AHL Jets, just because of the logos on the ice. Otherwise you'd have say, the Moose skating on ice with Jets logos all over it. Somehow that seems like something that'd be hard to market and sell. And what would you do when the AHL initiates experiments with the rules that affect the ice markings? Like 2 foot wide blue lines or a larger trapazoid or moving the goal line out 2 feet or whatever experient the AHL does in a given year. It's not like a basketball court where you can pull up the floor and put a new one down with a different 3 point line in 2 hours. Still...Manitoba back to the AHL would be cool. I still wish the NHL team would have taken on the Manitoba Moose moniker. I know Jets has tradition there, but it's so generic.
  13. That's kind of adding insult to injury to Sharks fans. How far is that from Hartford? Any feelings on what the crowd wil be like?
  14. Philadelphia. Pick any game. The one that stands out above all others though was a night when the Phantosm were in the Spectrum and Guns N Roses were supposed to play at the Comcast Center across the parking lot. After 3 hours of hearing 6 years olds tell me I f'ing suck while their half breed parents laughed and tried to fight me. After having beer thrown at me, which was a common occurance there before I wised up and stopped wearing my Bears colors to games. Bears and Phantoms fans all walked out to find the parking lot in all out riot mode because Axel Rose didn't show. Turns out Guns n Roses fans really REALLY hate that. Cars were flipped. Things were on fire. Dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria. Suddenly all the Bears and Phantoms fans joinced forces to get home safely. So it was both the worst road experience and one that brought me closest with opposing fans. Every single other game there sucked hard though.