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  1. The UConn hockey schedule was released. The first home game at the XL Center is November 5th (vs Boston College), so there's a chance for a WolfPack-NCAA doubleheader.http://www.courant.com/sports/uconn-huskies/hc-uconn-hockey-schedule-0702-20140701,0,4218264.story
  2. Hartford's home opener is 10/18, because of renovations going on at the XL Center. After last night's WWE RAW event, no events are scheduled at the arena, until mid to late September.
  3. How many teams have announced guaranteed home dates for the 14-15 season? I do know Hartford's home opener is October 18th. Also, Wednesday, November 5th is a schoolday (11am) game.
  4. Frostbite, if they want to go from hot to cold, but Firebirds also was the name of Philadelphia's AHL Franchise at one point in time from 1977-79, played in Syracuse its final season, in the same arena that hosts the Crunch presently. Detroit and Colorado(now NJ) were the affiliates, and just prior to Detroit landing the Adirondack Red Wings in 1979. Knights hasn't exactly flown either, after the Omaha experiment. "Frostbite" was already used by the UHL team there, several years back.
  5. At least this also means all the Heat's home games will be in Glens Falls. The Phantoms would always play 2 "home" games in Philly.
  6. I actually like the idea of Adirondack wearing this, should the Flames come to town.
  7. What got me was how steep the stairs are. No hand rails makes for a tough go of geeting up those stairs. The restrooms being in the corners and down stairs, that reminded me of Albany. I sat in section JJ,,,maybe 3 or 4 rows from the ice. I really could not see the video boards that well, from where I sat.
  8. Saturday will be my Glens Falls debut. Let's see if I have a shot of going there again, after this season.
  9. So much for seeing Newbury in Hartford tomorrow....
  10. Huh? I didn't say anything before your post. Anyway, I'll be there on the 22nd, and it'll be my first time ever, inside this venue.
  11. I'll be coming to the March 22 game vs Hartford. I'll be going there with the WolfPack Booster Club.
  12. Bad team. This season in Hartford hasn't exactly been stellar, but it still would beat having nothing at all.
  13. Okay this is off topic but you've got to be kidding me.......... http://www.milb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20130326&content_id=43314282&fext=.jsp&vkey=news_t1410&sid=t1410 Yeah, they installed those before last season lol.....getting back to the link I put up, I think it's the baseball team changing their name, and I don't think it's a hockey related announcement.
  14. The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (AAA Phillies) are making a makor announcement on Monday. I'm hoping they announce an outdoor game at Coca Cola Park for next season, but somehow I don't think that's what will be announced. http://www.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=t1410
  15. Estimated 700,000 people turn out for the parade in Seattle. That's more than Seattle's population. I read on a couple that drove over 1,400 miles, from the Cheyenne, Wyoming area, to be there.