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  1. I'm not 100% sure, but it might be "O Fortuna" from Carl Orff's _Carmina Burana_. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNWpZ-Y_KvU
  2. http://www.thescore.com/news/1170846 Gulls players all wore a #14 helmet decal for the Roadrunners' game at San Diego on Wednesday night, as well as several Gulls fans holding up encouraging posters and signs wishing Cunningham the best during pre-game warm ups. We're all pulling for a full recovery for him.
  3. What kind of world is it where I live in an AHL city, and Hutch doesn't...
  4. Another OT loss for the Gulls at home last night, more physical play and bad blood -- Stu Bickel was led off the ice in the third, unable to put any weight on one leg because of a knee injury sustained away from the puck. That was after a blatant high-stick to the eye that could have been a textbook eye-carver by Newbury against Cooper, and 100 seconds into the game a shove by Bissonette that pushed a Gulls d-man into goalie Hackett and the posts. Koharski being Koharski, let the game get out of control, allowing muggings far beyond the playoff pale, and the Reign took full advantage. The Bickel injury sealed the Gulls' fate, as going into OT with only 5 d-men against the Reign's beastly size really can only have one outcome. The Gulls managed ZERO shots on goal in the 6:29 that OT lasted, before rookie Amadillo scored off a bounce off the end boards for the game-winner for the Reign. The 3-1 series lead doesn't look realistically surmountable, with the Gulls now down their #1 center, their #1 goalie, AND a veteran d-man on a corps that was already very young (two college signings among the six d-men last night). Game Five is in Ontario tonight -- at this point I'm resigned to seeing handshakes, but holding out faint hope the Gulls can capture the Game Three magic and force one more stand on Monday night at home.
  5. It got close to happening in the final minutes of Game Three in Ontario on Sunday -- it appeared to start with a Reign fan cursing out and shouting at a female Gulls fan, and escalated to a lot of chest-bumping and security personnel when a guy came to her aid and almost ended up involved with another Reign fan. Here's hoping it doesn't devolve into what I saw outside the Honda Center after Game Seven of the Kings/Ducks series in 2014, where on my way back to my car I walked past two fans scuffling in the bushes along Katella Avenue...
  6. The Tucson CC is set to vote on May 17th on the lease, and the league has already approved this move conditional on the lease, IIRC.
  7. Three games in four days happens a lot in the regular season. San Diego games against Ontario happen a lot in the regular season (12 times, to be precise). Three PLAYOFF games between these two teams within the space of four days, after a season series that featured fights galore and suspensions on both sides -- that's something unusual. Also unusual is the extra level of dislike among the fan bases that comes along with not only being geographically close rivals (110 miles between the arenas), but also being affiliates of close NHL teams (30 miles between the arenas) with a 20+ year history of fan base dislike. Throw in the early exits from the NHL playoffs of both Anaheim and Los Angeles, and you get a roiling pot of emotions for the series. It's not just the fans - players on both sides have expressed a dislike for each other, including Brian McGrattan saying he didn't like anyone in the organization after the regular-season finale (in which he scored a goal and was immediately sent to the sin bin for taunting the Reign bench afterwards). Even the AHL appears to be wanting to stoke this by assigning sub-par officials like Chemelewski for back-to-back nights, even in difference cities. The series is in an unusual alternating-game format (1-1-1-1-1-1-1). Games 1 and 3 were in Ontario on Thursday and Mother's Day, sandwiching a Game 2 that went 11+ minutes into overtime on Saturday, totaling 191 minutes of near-war between the franchises. Early PP goals put the Reign out to a lead in Game One that the Gulls tried to come back from, but surrendered the late empty-net goal to lose 5-3. The Gulls jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in Game Two, but the Reign's size (which is frankly, monstrous, and I mean that not in an insulting way) just was too much for the Gulls, and eventually they wore down, giving up a PP equalizer early in the third, and eventually the rebound game-winner shortly after a faceoff 11 minutes into OT, backing the Gulls into a serious corner, down 2-0 in the series and facing travel for the back-to-back in less than 24 hours. However, the heavy minutes took their toll on the Reign as well, and a vocal group of Gulls fans witnessed a 3-0 victory on the road in a curiously relatively-empty arena (though Mother's Day could explain some of that) -- the Reign were just slightly off on pretty much all of their passes, skating attempts, etc, and just couldn't manage the dangerous 45-shot onslaught they unleashed against Gulls' backup goalie Hackett in Game Two. The series takes a breather now, with Game Four not until Friday in San Diego (followed by Game Five in Ontario the next night). The Gulls are hoping this time will allow starting goalie Anton Khudobin to recover from getting his bell rung by his own player (First-team All-AHL defenseman Brandon Montour) in Game Four of the first-round series against Texas. They're also hoping some of their offensive spark comes back in the person of top-line center Mike Sgarbossa, who has been in a boot since the start of the Reign series as well. Either way, there's a lot of animosity in the stands and in the benches -- setting the stage for what will hopefully be a long rivalry between the teams.
  8. Saturday Albany @ Toronto Lehigh Valley @ Wilkes-Barre Scranton Iowa @ Lake Erie Rochester @ St. John's Providence @ Bridgeport San Antonio @ Grand Rapids Utica @ Hartford Hershey @ Portland Binghamton @ Syracuse Charlotte @ Chicago Ontario @ Manitoba Texas @ Rockford San Jose @ Bakersfield
  9. My only prediction: Incessant bitching about the California teams existence.
  10. Sellout in San Diego tonight -- something that _rarely_ happened in the latter days of the WCHL/ECHL team. 12,920 people witnessing... an organization that didn't practice or rehearse enough. Not the players on the ice, but the nets falling off the posts leading to a long maintenance delay less than six minutes into the game, repeated halts to the game so the ref could order the players to skate around the rink like a free-skate in order to disperse the fog coming off the ice, a lack of understanding of when the promo breaks should happen... nothing fatal or individually unforgiveable, but the organization had the opportunity to make an immediate impression on nearly 13,000 people, and frankly looked amateurish and unprepared. At least they have six days until the next game -- as noted elsewhere on here, that'll be Willie O'Ree's jersey raising night, so I expect another big crowd... I hope they get their bleep figured out over that time. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed myself and am thankful to have a team back... it just could have been so much more of an organizational win for the team than it was.
  11. Less than 24 hours till the first pucks drop, just about 48 hours until I'm experiencing my first ever San Diego home AHL game... What are people doing to get themselves ready for the season to begin? For me, it was finally actually purchasing the season seat just now (one row behind where I used to be for the WCHL/ECHL team) that made it real. The ticket rep indicated that sales are brisk this week -- it'll be interesting to see 1) what the attendance numbers are this season, and 2) much more importantly, what the renewal rate is for NEXT season.
  12. Well, the really amusing part of this to me is "raising his #20 jersey to the rafters", as that number was IN the rafters already, with his name, for the WCHL/ECHL Gulls -- I suppose these AHL Gulls don't _have_ to honor the IHL or WCHL/ECHL number retirements, but this really just does feel like "let's re-do everything in case there are new people who don't remember the old teams". I get it, it just makes me smirk a little.
  13. It's nice to see him honored, but I'm a little amused that this isn't even the first time a Gulls team has had Willie O'Ree night -- I remember going to one in the 90s, I think, with the WCHL Gulls.
  14. I've got the schedule loaded into my site ( http://www.mib.org/~lennier/hockey/ ), so you can use that for analysis now as well. For example, there are only 24 inter-conference games all year, with only five matchups - Rochester/GR (2x home/away), Toronto/GR (2x each home/away), Lake Erie/Rochester (2x home/away), Lake Erie/Toronto (2x home/away), and Manitoba/Toronto (4x home/away).