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  1. For once the Pirates and Monarchs will be on the same side of hockey... Going to be an odd feeling...
  2. The economics would doom it to failure
  3. When I think of ice, I think of red. Makes sense to somebody somewhere...
  4. Today's abdication of the FIFA presidency by president / dictator / autocrat / Dr Evil impersonater / all around horrible guy Sepp Blatter ranks as one of the greatest events in human history and is one of America's greatest contributions to the human race. Period
  5. And in place of that, you'll get to see the Pirates a few more times... Yay... [/sarcasm]
  6. While I feel bad for what the Falcons are getting in 15-16, they are in a much better place to start with Ray Edwards not behind their bench.
  7. That's a Fehr assessment.. I see what you both did there
  8. At the Monarchs v Pirates game on Sunday I talked with a friend who lives in Kittery, Maine. That city lies almost between the two locations on the southern-most tip of the state of Maine. He grew up watching the Pirates but as he spent more time in NH he tended to find himself drawn towards the Monarchs. He's supported them ever since. Our conversation turned towards next year and how the Pirates would remain in the AHL while the Monarchs would be in the ECHL. I asked him how many games he planned on going to, and to my surprise he said that him and his wife said they would go to more Pirates games. I asked why, and he said that the ECHL tends to be more of a goon league compared to the AHL. I'm not sure if that's the fairest view of the league. But that is part of the preconception of the ECHL in some eyes.
  9. For those teams that are owned by the NHL, it'll easily be the NHL parent team Traveling will be considered part of "the cost of doing business". And given the difference between the NHL and AHL operating budget, any additional costs by the AHL team will be just a drop in the bucket, a small line on the operating ledger of the NHL budget.
  10. I tend to make myself a big target, which can be taken literally or metaphorically (or both). When I travel to other arenas I have no problem wearing my colors proudly and celebrating loudly. That being said I won't take the next step of going from being respectful to creating my own problems. And I usually try to help keep the peace amongst Pirates fans that I may be with. But as I've made friends throughout many of the locales I've visited, people tend to back down quickly when they see one of "their own" conversing with me. While the most interesting experience as a traveling supporter was getting into two different shouting matches with a group of Providence fans back in the 2006 quarterfinals, the worst "experiences" for me tended to happen at Manchester. And I don't have a problem with the majority of the regular folks there. My problems there have been with the one-offs, people who go to a game or two and think the price of admission means they can grow 10 feet tall and act with near impunity. Recently I had some guy in his 50s ask me if I wanted to fight when I replied to his smart-ass comment with an equally smart-ass remark. I had a bozo a few years back get right in my face after a game with "you guys f'n suck!" as I was walking to the parking garage. This same guy happened to shout a few derogatory things in my direction earlier in the game. Years back I was with a female friend who was pregnant at the time, and she got hit in the face by a chuck-a-puck thrown from some candyass in a second level luxury box. My first group seating effort resulted in four people getting peanuts thrown at them through much of the second period of their game while two of their usher said they would do something "if they saw it happen". I'm helping to coordinate a Pirates fan group for Game 2 between the Monarchs and Pirates this Saturday. I'm hoping not to add more to the war stories by the end of the game. We had a great experience in Worcester this past Sunday, and I'm hoping things can go just as smoothly (or at the least uneventful) through the game.
  11. You say that, but I'm surprised this goofiness hasn't happened. The NHL pulls their players out of the AHL, they keep them based with the NHL, they practice in the same location, play in the same location, travel together for games (AHL in the afternoon, NHL at night). Jeez, almost makes too much sense. Thankfully that is a trait lacking amonst some NHL blowhards.
  12. He only slips and falls in the playoffs, so it probably wasn't him then.
  13. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/darth-vader-falls-at-hockey-game--more-embarrassing-than-prequels--video-134709063.html;_ylt=AwrBT_s38BBVPboAgJ1XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTBybGY3bmpvBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg-- I was at this game on Sunday and I'll say I've never seen two staffers (two guys in the space between the penalty boxes) tend to someone as quickly as these two guys did. At least the under mask stayed on. That being said, what jedi doesn't know who his own jedi master's master was? Who was Qui Gon Jinn's jedi master? The answer definitely is not Yoda...
  14. People misinterpreting someone's 144 character thought or statement or idea? Outrageous concept...