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  1. I have a new addition to this project. Here's a drawing just I did of the Texas Stars mascot, Ringo the Ringtail, who was introduced last December.
  2. He probably doesn't come on here as often, if at all, as he used to because it's not as active here as it was years prior.
  3. 11-17 Belleville @ Utica Wilkes-Barre Scranton @ Binghamton Hershey @ Providence Hartford @ Rochester Charlotte @ Springfield Lehigh Valley @ Laval Grand Rapids @ Iowa Chicago @ Manitoba Tucson @ San Diego Bakersfield @ Stockton 11-18 Syracuse @ Toronto Ontario @ San Jose Charlotte @ Bridgeport Milwaukee @ Cleveland Grand Rapids @ Rockford Hartford @ Utica Rochester @ Binghamton Texas @ San Antonio Bakersfield @ Stockton Tucson @ San Diego
  4. 11-03 Charlotte @ Belleville Chicago @ Grand Rapids Binghamton @ Utica Wilkes-Barre Scranton @ Lehigh Valley Bridgeport @ Providence Hershey @ Rochester Hartford @ Springfield Syracuse @ Laval San Antonio @ Iowa Rockford @ Milwaukee Ontario @ San Diego Manitoba @ Stockton Cleveland @ Tucson 11-04 Syracuse @ Laval Charlotte @ Belleville Springfield @ Bridgeport Toronto @ Hershey Rochester @ Utica Lehigh Valley @ Binghamton Providence @ Hartford San Diego @ Ontario Texas @ Stockton Manitoba @ Bakersfield Cleveland @ Tucson
  5. 10-27 Ontario @ Cleveland Chicago @ Grand Rapids Toronto @ Syracuse Providence @ Binghamton Laval @ Rochester Lehigh Valley @ Springfield Hershey @ Wilkes-Barre Scranton Bridgeport @ Hartford Belleville @ Manitoba Milwaukee @ Rockford San Jose @ San Antonio San Diego @ Texas Stockton @ Bakersfield Iowa @ Tucson 10-28 Ontario @ Cleveland Laval @ Toronto Utica @ Charlotte Wilkes-Barre Scranton @ Bridgeport Providence @ Hershey Grand Rapids @ Rockford Springfield @ Binghamton Hartford @ Lehigh Valley Syracuse @ Rochester Milwaukee @ Chicago Belleville @ Manitoba San Jose @ Texas San Diego @ San Antonio Stockton @ Bakersfield Iowa @ Tucson
  6. 10-20 Binghamton @ Syracuse Bridgeport @ Lehigh Valley Charlotte @ Rochester Providence @ Springfield Laval @ Wilkes-Barre Scranton Belleville @ Hartford Manitoba @ Iowa Hershey @ Milwaukee Grand Rapids @ Rockford San Antonio @ Texas Bakersfield @ Ontario San Diego @ Stockton 10-21 San Jose @ Cleveland Charlotte @ Toronto Laval @ Bridgeport Hershey @ Grand Rapids Rockford @ Milwaukee Springfield @ Syracuse Lehigh Valley @ Binghamton Belleville @ Providence Utica @ Rochester Hartford @ Wilkes-Barre Scranton Tucson @ Chicago Manitoba @ Iowa San Antonio @ Texas Bakersfield @ Ontario San Diego @ Stockton
  7. 10-13 Belleville @ Syracuse Springfield @ Providence Utica @ Rochester Lehigh Valley @ Wilkes-Barre Scranton Bridgeport @ Charlotte Toronto @ Hartford Binghamton @ Laval Ontario @ Iowa Cleveland @ Manitoba Texas @ San Diego Grand Rapids @ San Jose 10-14 Binghamton @ Laval San Antonio @ San Jose Bridgeport @ Charlotte Belleville @ Hershey Iowa @ Rockford Utica @ Syracuse Wilkes-Barre Scranton @ Lehigh Valley Toronto @ Providence Hartford @ Springfield Ontario @ Chicago Grand Rapids @ Stockton Tucson @ Bakersfield Texas @ San Diego
  8. 10-06 Manitoba @ Grand Rapids Syracuse @ Rochester Charlotte @ Hartford Belleville @ Laval Chicago @ Texas Bakersfield @ Stockton 10-07 Utica @ Toronto Rockford @ Cleveland Manitoba @ Grand Rapids Rochester @ Syracuse Bridgeport @ Binghamton Hershey @ Lehigh Valley Springfield @ Providence Charlotte @ Wilkes-Barre Scranton Belleville @ Laval Milwaukee @ Iowa Ontario @ San Antonio Chicago @ Texas San Jose @ Stockton San Diego @ Tucson
  9. On the collage, I put them in the order in which division the mascots' respective teams are in, starting with the Atlantic, then the North, then the Central, and lastly, the Pacific.
  10. This past summer, I introduced a special art project I've been working on for a while, to various sites. I call it "AHL MAX" (AHL Mascot Art Exhibition). AHL MAX is a series of pics of all the AHL's mascots (plus a fan-made mascot for the Texas Stars, since the T-Stars are the one team that doesn't have one), drawn by me. I began drawing these pics at the beginning of the year. I drew them all on Paint Tool SAI. I wanted to work on something like this since 2013. Four years later, I finally got to showcase these images on Facebook, Twitter, and two different art sites. Now, I'm presenting it here! A few things I should note: 1.) While it's possible the Belleville Senators may come up with new mascots for their team, assuming they're planning on having a new mascot, the picture of Max (formerly the Binghamton Senators mascot) can be temporarily in this exhibition until the Belleville Sens introduce a new mascot. 2.) The Texas Stars are the league's only team without an official mascot. To fill in that void, I came up with Sirius the Dog. I didn't come up with this character to directly pitch this mascot idea to the Texas Stars. I did it just for this particular project. That being said, if the Stars organization is interested in having Sirius as their mascot, they can talk to me about it. Individual pictures: Bakersfield Condors - Colonel Claw'd, Baby Cal, & Riggs https://imgur.com/BitfEor Belleville Senators - Max https://imgur.com/v5bwG1G Binghamton Devils - Devil Dawg https://imgur.com/CMaqO05 Bridgeport Sound Tigers - Storm https://imgur.com/c07Qjkv Charlotte Checkers - Chubby https://imgur.com/4Tt7Zhr Chicago Wolves - Skates https://imgur.com/ID3Krw7 Cleveland Monsters - Sully https://imgur.com/zFyeSl7 Grand Rapids Griffins - Griff & Finn https://imgur.com/vNR49bE Hartford Wolfpack - Sonar https://imgur.com/QH0Dx2l Hershey Bears - Coco https://imgur.com/vRgrZzZ Iowa Wild - Crash https://imgur.com/3vGrCYC Laval Rocket - Cosmo https://imgur.com/Xr9YOa1 Lehigh Valley Phantoms - MeLVin https://imgur.com/jutywX1 Manitoba Moose - Mick E. Moose https://imgur.com/XpRxagG Milwaukee Admirals - Roscoe https://imgur.com/aQr1PW4 Ontario Reign - Kingston, Blaze, & the Dark Knight https://imgur.com/82YrjDT (I don't care if Blaze and the Dark Knight are no longer in use. I still like them a lot, so I incorporated them in this pic!) Providence Bruins - Samboni https://imgur.com/rRPlpcK Rochester Americans - The Moose https://imgur.com/nsK7UOU Rockford Icehogs - Hamilton E. Hog https://imgur.com/8IukXQ4 San Antonio Rampage - T-Bone https://imgur.com/DouL3jz San Diego Gulls - Gulliver https://imgur.com/3OU0X9v San Jose Barracuda - Frenzy https://imgur.com/xQ1JQqC Springfield Thunderbirds - Boomer https://imgur.com/BBG6dma Stockton Heat - Frankie https://imgur.com/BfDy3wa Syracuse Crunch - Crunchman https://imgur.com/wMJ96U6 Texas Stars - Sirius (fan-made mascot) https://imgur.com/ombsF0j Toronto Marlies - Duke https://imgur.com/pAEBzS7 Tucson Roadrunners - Dusty https://imgur.com/h6uUQER Utica Comets - Audie https://imgur.com/qRdspR9 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins - Tux https://imgur.com/vCSnSes Bonus pics: AHL MAX Logo https://imgur.com/GSRHLXV Introduction pic https://imgur.com/YN0bM8Q Finale/Thank you pic https://imgur.com/DMBxnaM From 2015 - A moment with Cyan and Dayv Androoz...Excuse me, that's Dave Andrews https://imgur.com/YI2xhXx (EDIT: October 1st, 2017 - We just learned that Devil Dawg will be used as the Binghamton Devils mascot. No new pic for the B-Devs mascot will be necessary.)
  11. I thought the Ads now play in a different arena than the one the Bucks play in. Aren't they at UW Milwaukee Panther Arena?
  12. Really sorry, Rowdy. If there are plans to bring a new sports team to the Times Union Center, but not pro hockey, what options are they looking for?
  13. Exactly! Whether it's trying to help out at home, at my job, at a charity, etc, at least effort would be made into making things better when helping. I don't think the world's perfect, or would ever be perfect, but that doesn't mean we have to be miserable all the time. We can still be happy and live through great times. However, it's up to us to make our own and each others lives better.
  14. As you all know, 2016 is coming to a close. 2017 will begin, and we'll all wish each other a happy new year, like we did previous years. The question here is, How will we know 2017 will be a great year? When 2016 arrived, we all wished each other a happy new year. To many, it wasn't really as happy overall, as we all had hoped for. A lot of people are waiting for 2017 to arrive, only because they think it'll put an end to the coming of such atrocities. Throughout 2016, we had people divide each other because of politics, discrimination against other groups, and even in less serious issues like sports rivalries, drama within certain fandoms (like the shenanigans that happened in the Ghostbusters fandom), drama towards other fandoms, etc. We also had the Pulse Nightclub massacre, acts of terror in Europe, many people dying, whether they'd be celebrities, or people we knew personally, and several other awful things that had happened. Back to the question I asked earlier, How will we know that 2017 will be a great year? The only way to find out is to live through the year. I'm not saying 2017 will be a bad year. I'm not making judgment on the upcoming year, because I won't know what it'll be like until we go through it. (I have predictions on what 2017 will bring, both for myself, and for everyone else, that I could post here, but I just want to stay on this topic about why its up to us to make 2017 a great year.) My point is, a new year does not automatically mean a better year. It would be naive to believe everything will get better on its own once a new year begins. I want 2017 to be a great year just as much as everyone else wants it to be. However, if you want 2017 to become a better year, it's up to US to make 2017 a better year. 2017 isn't going to define itself. WE will define 2017. We CAN make this a better year. I don't expect 2017 to be perfect, but coming together and helping each other, as well as helping ourselves, doing things to make this year better, instead of waiting for things to get better on their own, or just asking for stuff that you want, or saying "This needs to get better", without doing anything to help it become better, will make 2017 a great year. For 2017 and the years beyond, I not only wish everyone a happy new year, but I also urge people to MAKE these years happy!
  15. The new NHL team for Las Vegas has been revealed. They are called the Vegas Golden Knights. The name is okay. The logo for it isn't bad. Although, the logo sort of resembles the NLL's New York/Orlando Titans logo. Also, some of the other possible names were "Silver Knights" and "Desert Knights". "Silver Knights", IMO, would've made a lot of sense, considering Nevada's state nickname is "The Silver State". http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/vegas-golden-knights-nhl-1.3863120