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  1. The wife and I are thinking that a suite rental for the March 13th Bruins / Yotes game would be fun. We're looking for 16 other fools that are wanting to go. The price works out to $225 per head. You provide your own transportation. Money would be due before February 15, 2014. If we don't get 16 fools by February 15th we'll refund your money. But, once the tickets are purchased, there is no refund. This could be a great time to cheer for both teams!! LOL Just as long as Tuukkaa doesn't let anything by....or will they put Johnson in?? Let us know ASAP if you are in and we'll give you the address to send the check or money order. Remember, if your check bounces....we have your address....lol The Caspersens
  2. Either way, someone is coming out of this all butt hurt and no good will come of it, as which ever party loses, they will seek vengeance
  3. So! When is the name change gonna happen? Ya know, from Portland Pirates to the Lewiston something or others. I'm thinking Lewiston Losers. Or perhaps the Arsonists?
  4. Hummmm wonder what legal action they are preparing for...
  5. Hummmmm, I wonder where this is really going. The team has been going down hill ( community involvement/ fan interaction wise ) for a while now. It seems as though the pirates current management doesn't want to be here. I'm sure a better venue would be in their wish list, and I personally would love to have a TD garden like hockey palace here in the great state, but with the amount of excitement ( or rather the lack thereof ) the pirates generate, they would still be playing in an empty barn all the time. How many seats are there in the CCCC, in hockey trim? And when was the last regular season game with all those seats filled? I'm all for cheap and available hockey, but last season I had the misfortune of sitting behind a local TV weather guy, and there of his coworkers, they spent the while time getting drunk and bad mouthing other coworkers. They could a been at a bar and done the same. Go to a Bruins game, what does a cheap seat there run you? I think the higher seat prices keeps those that are just looking to hang out and drink out to other places. If you pony up that kind of cash, you're going to be watching the game and are going to be emotionally involved. Bottom line here, I guess, is it seems Portland Pirates hockey is broken. Can it be repaired? Does anyone even care enough anymore to put forth the effort?
  6. What are they gonna do? Play the whole season in Lewiston? Good thing we just spent all those tax dollars on the CCCC, huh?
  7. I can't seem to get it to work on my phone, any updates?
  8. Found it http://www.wcsh6.com/video/breakingvideo.aspx Starts at 2
  9. I gather a press conference is scheduled for 2 p.m. anyone know where to find a live feed?