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  1. I will still follow the AHL, but not as close as I did. I will go to a few games in Albany with the hope that someday they can get rid of the Devils and actually bring in an affiliate that actually tries. Also I will go to a few places I haven't been yet and if any of the new teams come east or Charlotte come within driving distance I will check them out.
  2. The goon league thing about the ECHL is the complete opposite of what the people in Adirondack were told. They said it was a lot less of that and they only have three lines and that teams don't have room for goons because of salary cap and amount of players that are allows to dress.
  3. Arizonasports.com has already reported that the Coyotes will be in Springfield next year and tha Columbus will be in Lake Erie and Colorado in San Antonio.
  4. Albany Choppers still isn't as bad as the Capital District Pontiacs.
  5. How many alternative jerseys did the Phantoms have.
  6. My perdiction is the league won't announce the new divisional alignments until July even though they already know where everyone will be playing next year already.
  7. Counton2.com is reporting that the South Carolina Stingrays is demanding $250,000 from the city of Charleston or threatening relocation. As far as I rem their the Bruins ECHL affiliate. If they are I find the timing coincidendental with the Sharks announcement.
  8. Honest question what about the Rangers to Glens Falls. I know they came close last year and the year before. With the Wolf-Pack only having one more year after this with a cheaper buyout and UCONN coming in. MSG could manage the building and Petrovick could manage the team. Also the lease would be much cheaper and the attendance would be about the same. Just speculation, but who knows maybe the third time is the charm.
  9. My opinion is next year with the reduced schedule is that they'll ac reduce the number of different teams each teams plays. In lament terms not only will you not see teams from the other conference you'll be lucky if you see teams outside your division.
  10. The Flames introduced their new masct Dash the Dalmation after tonight OT win over Toronto.
  11. Good job at writing a misleading thread title so people click on it.
  12. This article also states that Colorado's affiliate the Lake Erie Monsters play in Erie PA not Cleveland. That should give you a big hint on how well it was researched.
  13. GFhockeybum I would love a full name or a website where you heard this from.
  14. First I'll address off kilter again. I never said I was a pacifist I said that violence shouldn't be the first option to settle a disput and I stand by that. Obviously if someone is going to attack me I'll defend myself, but that's normal. So if your going to quote me quote everything not just bis and pieces. Also you never answered my question have you ever been in a fight in your adult life Mr. Violence Solves Everything. Now on to you Section 109. When did I ever claim to be the voice of morality. Your the one who pretty much compared me to Satan in your first response. My point is that you tried to disparage what you thought were my political and religious beliefs as a way to prove your point and when I responded with a snarky remark you had nothing to come back with. So instead of just letting it go you find a terrible news story about something that happened at a Flames game and use it to stereotype all Flames fans. Like I said first taking the moral high ground and when that didn't work going right to the lowest common denominator. As for me being outraged by you bringing that up hardly I expected it.