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  1. Odd, just odd. If they want to market 'exciting Calgary Flames hockey' in Glens Falls, why wouldn't they just keep the existing logo? Didn't they have to jump through a big bunch of hoops to get that logo? It's not like the the Stockton Thunder 'history' is coming to Glens Falls...it doesn't really work that way in the minors. Franchises relocate often, but continuity of history normally remains across all franchises in one city.
  2. The usual suspects, I presume, which might include the likely Portland-San Antonio swap and the Thunder Bay plan. One thought I had was that they seem to be running out of receiver markets, as evidenced by the fact that the Sharks are placing their team in the SAP Center. It appears to me that they wanted to make a California bus league out of this. Otherwise, why wouldn't Calgary and Edmonton try to get their affiliates closer to Alberta? Quite simply, the process may have outpaced itself...or not. We'll see this spring. This is nothing new. It's precisely what happened to Ken Young. It has happened other times throughout the history of the league (The 1997 Binghamton scandal is a good example)
  3. http://pppshow.net/2015/01/26/ahl-state-league-address-dave-andrews/ Link to the audio from the Commissioner's State of the League Address on Monday 26 January 2015, courtesy Bob Howard of the Power Play Post Show. Some highlights: - More teams may be in play for relocation this season - Market size is not a factor in attracting/retaining an affiliate. Facility quality, however, is, and that factor is working against Glens Falls while working in favor of Utica. - Don't expect a schedule reduction at this point in time - The new overtime format has been seen as successful, and the ice treatment beforehand is seen as necessary
  4. That's a novel idea, but I think that the Wings are well connected with the Toledo Walleye, so they'll not likely switch. My guess is that Calgary keeps the 'A-Flames' logo and designs intact.ECHL franchise ownership by NHL teams is a bit uncommon compared to the AHL. Really, the only reason Bakersfield and Stockton were purchased by their respective NHL affiliates was to displace these franchises from their arenas. Given this, is there an expectation that the NHL teams will soon divest of their ECHL franchises once the AHL movements are completed?
  5. No implication necessary for Adirondack. The NBC affiliate in Albany is reporting that the Flames and the ECHL's Stockton Thunder will swap places. (Glens Falls gets most of its TV from Albany.)(S/T to Bob Howard for catching that.) So... Do you think 'Icehawks' or 'Frostbite' would be the preferred moniker for such a team?
  6. Interesting question from the 'Lemonade from Lemons' department in this whole mess: would a Bruins-affiliated ECHL team be able to tread water in an AHL city just outside I-495?
  7. Perhaps Mr. Petrovek is driving three trains. One other thing to consider is that Mr. Esche is likely also making preparations for future upheaval in his neck of the woods as well. Wildcat: I think a Portland-San Antonio swap works well and makes a good deal of sense compared to the alternative...which is also why I fear it might not be considered. After all, why partner with an existing franchise a few states over when you can screw a fanbase in the East out of their franchise, move the team to Outinthedesert.com Arena to fill up some of the 324 empty dates each year, and get the people of the city you play in to pony up for it? Yeah, the latter option fits well here.
  8. I don't know the exact details, but I do know that the Devils have one of the best leases in the AHL. I'm not sure the GFCC could compete with the TU Center on the lease, not to mention the facilities in general. The only reason I could see Devils moving North is that Adirondack Flames team president Brian Petrovek has a long history with Lou Lamoriello going back to the Utica Devils and the 1998 US Men's hockey team. When Calgary leaves, don't think that Brian wouldn't try to leverage his friendship with Lou to lure an AHL team to Glens Falls. Is Mr. Petrovek attached to the Adirondack Flames franchise or to the GFCC? That is, would he perhaps be going west with the team? If not, he's out of a job if he doesn't lure another team to Glens Falls. I would then think he's likely after the Devils. So who wins a battle between Petrovek and Bob Belber?
  9. Ok, I know that I'm tardy to this party, so I'll start with this article Am I the only one who thinks that an NHL team that is losing 25-35 million dollars a year and receiving subsidies from its host city should not be throwing away a few more million a year to participate in this madness? ...which is precisely why the above will probably happen The author seems to be missing the point thinking that cost of call ups has anything to do with this movement. Not when you consider that the travel expenses for this team are going to be several orders of magnitude higher than any call-up savings. I can't speak for the fans in Manchester, but I would consider this a slap in the face. I'd rather not see the team that has forsaken us now act as a squatter preventing the return of the AHL. Sure about that? Last I checked, Place Bell was still an empty field. Even if they ever get around to building it, maybe the Habs might like having a well-supported affiliate deep in Bruins territory. Wouldn't the QMJHL be a better candidate to play in Laval anyway (cheaper to operate and better supported)?
  10. But then again, what do I know? I said not long ago that the franchise owners wouldn't do this because economic forces were driving the league's franchises eastward. Nonetheless, some franchise owners seem to have decided that economic forces do not matter.
  11. Ontario really is the only market that seems to have the potential for long-term sustainability in the AHL. Bakersfield and Stockton could potentially hang on so long as they are buttressed financially by their NHL affiliates/owners (or by Abbotsford-type supply fees). Utah is probably the only other possibility, but they may elect to remain in the ECHL for cost reasons even with the loss of a few of the western markets (see: AHL Utah Grizzlies). Therefore, I see this being a three team experiment for now. Subsequent participants in this venture would need to gamble on riskier markets, and they are probably waiting to see if the vanguard Pacific franchises pan out
  12. What was the attendance for that, Odie? It depends who you ask... If you count the tickets sold/given away, I think it was about 15,000 If you asked someone who was there, I think it was around 9,000 actually there If you asked Howard Baldwin for his 'official' count, it was around 625,783
  13. Hopefully it will draw more than the 'Whale Bowl'
  14. There are secret restrooms in the GFCC, right around the corner from the main ones. ...or so I am told
  15. I should also add that the addition of Lehigh Valley to the East forces one team out. If Adirondack is in the North than this means that either Binghamton or Syracuse goes into the Northeast. That makes things even goofier Unless, somehow, Lehigh Valley remains in the Northeast and the current East Division remains intact. Anyone else have a headache?