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  1. Congratulations, Manchester! Honestly, I was hoping for one of the teams that was moving to be the winners this year. I figured that at least one fan base would have some cause for celebration then. I like Robert Esche, and if one of the five relocating teams hadn't been in the Finals, I most likely would've cheered for Utica. But I know how it is to lose a team, so I couldn't help but cheer for Manchester this time around.
  2. What troubles me about the widening footprint of the AHL is the travel expenses... isn't that at least a part of what sank the original iHL? Minor-league teams don't have the TV and radio contracts that the NHL teams enjoy (and even the NHL's TV deals pale in comparison to some others, such as the NFL). AHL teams won't bring in the kind of advertising dollars that major-league sports can charge, either, and most of their arenas are a fraction of the size of an NHL arena. So where are the travel funds going to come from for the teams that are nowhere near their "closest" (using that term loosely) rivals?
  3. Just wondering who's got the magic/tragic numbers calculated. I know the Phantoms are on the "tragic" side of the scale at this point, sigh. But now that teams have started clinching berths, I'd like to have an idea of where teams stand.
  4. What if they play some games in the parent club's arena? That would reduce the number of home games, but not the number of overall games.
  5. That kid is great, and I would venture to guess, so are his parents. Well, first of all, they're raising him as a hockey fan, which is a clear sign of good parenting. But they're raising him to be a good person, too, which is even better.
  6. I posted a note on Bob Rotruck's page. I figure that he'd be a good candidate to have a word with the PPL Center staff about what to do. Between the PPPC (Philadelphia Phantoms Phan Club), the AAHLBC, and the AHL Broomball, Jeremy gave a whole lot of time and energy supporting AHL teams and fandom. He deserves a tribute, preferably when his family and friends can be there to see it. In my ideal world, the LV Phantoms will reach out to them about this. If there's a way to tie in charitable donations to fight head and neck cancers at the same time, so much the better.
  7. Jeremy's obituary. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/philly/obituary.aspx?n=jeremy-d-hall&pid=174171942&fhid=28355 I don't know if there will be a moment of silence, but there jolly well should be after the amount of work he did for the PPPC. I was the secretary, so I know how hard he worked.
  8. With my deepest regrets, I share the following from Donna's page...
  9. It saddens me to see the latest update. F cancer.
  10. Two things. 1. If you see the February 2 update on Jeremy's blog, there is some not-so-good news. The cancer has spread. He wrote that unless he can take part in a clinical trial, there really aren't any other treatments that they can try. However, he was asymptomatic at the time so he said he was going to focus on living life. Good call on his part, and I do hope that there are clinical trials ongoing right now that he can partake in. 2. His wife, Donna, posted a very brief "Pray for Jeremy Hall" update on FB a few hours ago. I don't know why she wrote that, so I figured the best thing to do is relay that here so people can join in sending prayers and positive thoughts. If I see additional updates, I'll bring them here.
  11. Incidentally, Jeremy has a blog here: https://thehallpassblog.wordpress.com/ So everyone can post well-wishes in the comments.
  12. OK, you made me look him up. No, he is not related to Moe Mantha. Still, he does have NHLers in his family tree; just not ones with the surname "Mantha". http://www.lighthousehockey.com/2013/6/18/4442938/2013-nhl-draft-profile-anthony-mantha-val-dor
  13. Here are some good updates. On Saturday, Donna posted this: And today, Jeremy posted: It's good to see some upbeat things! They both deserve it!
  14. Gabey8

    Flaming Poop!

    Honest opinion: even though it was a sad-looking attempt at a mascot costume, I honestly think it might have survived until a replacement could be drawn up, *IF* it hadn't had a backstory that involved a historic catastrophe that destroyed the city and killed a fireman into the bargain. It mystifies me how that backstory got green-lighted all the way up the chain of command, without SOMEone saying, "Whoa, wait a moment, let's reconsider this." I'm glad they had sense enough to put the brakes on it, albeit at the last moment. Better late than never.
  15. I was wondering what happened... I was looking at the AHL site for something and saw the suspension described on there, but not a description of what led to it. I figured it must have been something pretty significant. Targeting another player's head like that is crossing a line, no question. No, people shouldn't turtle after doing something to hit/provoke an opponent. But I don't care who turtles or what else happens, deliberately slamming anybody's head anywhere, any way, any time, needs a serious suspension. I'm surprised it wasn't longer. I've seen other players get more games for doing less.