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  1. oh, and you count a guy, who's been doing what, exactly, the pick isn't until 2017, for one, and who are u to whine and moan, you want to blame who for moving a franchise, 210, you really no longer carry any weight commenting on what another organization does or doesn't truly do, what exactly HAS San Jose accomplished in the time there in Worcester, if not before that, I'll tell ya, JACK
  2. Zac Rinaldo joins organization for a 2017 3rd rounder....it's more cap issues more so who's in charge of making decisions.... that's the business end and no fan of any team or organization, no matter if it's our league's direction or whatever the topic du jour hapens to be.
  3. IT'S A MOOT POINT anyway, BUT even suggesting that they would set up a competing league BENEFITS who and again, in the soon to be 8 decade history of this league, how MANY franchises have a) withdrawn or b)been seized for a violation of bylaws, and that's the crux of the issue under that supposed scenario.... if we learned anything since 2001, that any league less than 6 teams generally doesn't survive.... no matter how good the setup is or even relevant to the general hockey fan.... the answer to above is Texas, AND EVEN THAT WAS off a conditional license.... you think Worcester is going to allow itself to be duped a 3rd time, and according to said rumors, 210, the BRUINS aren't AEG, who HAS successfully pulled off this so-called "switch". Insiders or city leaders aren't doing much to except to rule out a "dark" ARENA for '15/16", btw, Worcester had no guarantees the Sharks would've arrived there had Dan Gilbert not bought the Gunds out and told them to leave after 2006..... Worcester has seen both ends of the spectrum between St. Louis and San Jose and wht has it got them, realistically. what if Renfroe doesn't pull off a Worcester franchise.... I've also seen that depending on how long Norfolk stays in the E, they'll be wanting Richmond and/or Roanoke. no market is guaranteed a franchise, you act like the Quebec City fanbase that yes,you have the arena but you think you deserve a revival of the Nordiques
  4. as usual you apparently don't get it, either, how many leagues have survived with less than 6 teams as you are proposing without sources, mind you, that had the Pacific Division not happened or if either LA or SJ not been in favor of creating this new reality,we knew this was coming, not just expecting it for 2015-16, but would that have prevented the Sharks from leaving Worcester without a franchise for the 2nd time? how many fans/posters here actually know who or what the PHPA actually is or what they do in regards to either our league or the ECHL except when the labor contract gets extended.... where/what is this supposed "source" that stated the California 5 Would withdraw from the league had they not passed the alignment giving them theior own division independent of # of games
  5. the NHL nor the AHL HAS CONTROL over that, you forget that both leagues (AHL/ECHL) are actually a different union than the NHL is, notice that our league continued as did the E when both lockouts occurred, now, unless the Cali 5 choose to form their own league, they'll have to sign a union agreement with the PHPA.
  6. HOW would/can you revoke a league membership outside of violating a league bylaw, and honestly the California franchises won't survive a withdrawal because less than 6 teams is what typically caused the "expansion" from 21 to 27 TO BEGIN WITH.... IF THEY DO form another league, then how would former members Norfolk and Manchester be perceived since both franchises are owned by 2 members of the California 5, even though 1 is a leased franchise.
  7. who is Providence's entry level affiliation ie below them, there's no guarantee either signing (Blidh or Kemppainen) are destined for PRO full-time.... I suspect the Blidh signing is to avoid the loss of said pick from 2013.
  8. you also realize that the countdown begins to see if St. John's remains on their 5th club affiliation (and that does include the Fog Devils)
  9. Wrong. If it was just one place, you might have a point. Problem is, it's not just here, it's on HF and it's on every other message board you haven't managed to get yourself banned from yet, not to mention the countless number of sites you HAVE been banned from over the years. There's a pattern here, and it's you. You're the one who goes after anyone who says something that conflicts with your own personal idea of how things ought to be, you're the one who acts like he knows everything and constantly spouts random historical crap that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, and you're the one who acts like he's a well-connected insider when all you do is sit at home and parrot whatever you read on the Internet, usually without giving credit where credit is due.Example: Just now, Wildcat sternly but fairly criticized your actions of late. Your response? You referred to the rest of us as "morons". It happens all the time; you get something wrong or you say something that doesn't make sense, someone else tries to straighten you out, you get pissed off and immediately go into the name-calling and the non sequiturs. I'd say it has to stop, but people have been telling you that for at least the last 15 years and yet here we are. Now, to your credit, you do behave yourself much better than you used to, back in the days of Vortexes and entire communities bonding over piling on you. However, you still have a lot of work to do. You need to be more tolerant of other people's opinions, and you definitely need to get better at handling yourself when you've been corrected. To everyone else: Sorry you had to see this. Unfortunately, some people insist upon being difficult. and do you think I care what's written on a decrepit, lame message board, that NO ONE visits anymore, ABSOLUTELY NOT, I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU THAT AND YOU REFUSE to listen to said idea that this site is about done for
  10. NOT a bad game last night either from what I heard from Jeff this AM, despite it all, can we get to 5th?
  11. I'm not the one starting crap, it's the other morons on here who are and frankly it's pissing me off because NOBODY WILL DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT
  12. I won't say it couldn't happen, but before we stamp this as a done deal let's remember this all started over a tweet. READ MORE>>>> just like the Florida affiliation contract was revealed the same way by the Panthers beat writer for the Sun-Sentinel, personally, I SHOULDN'T believe everything you see, but it does happen, Springfield and even the Columbus board was confused the last time I checked it.
  13. I think the AHL Got it right, by going w/ the 3 divisions of 5 in each conference, because the inversion or cross-over rule would still be here, but overall we were getting tired as fans of explaining it. I don't think you'll ever see the 8/8/7/7 FORMAT being used, because where do u draw the line between the conferences, and where is it truly now? Is it LE? IS IT Rochester? Does Charlotte being shifted to the other conference even matter now, you still don't have any connection now w/ NOR gone.
  14. swept by Hershey twice in OT; THen loses to MCH Sunday; still in playoff race Szwarz maybe up in ARI for rest of affiliation deal(playoff rosters due shortly)
  15. SSE also has released a statement about Florida realigning to Portland, but is not divulging what their plans are, saying that will TBD at a future time