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  1. A little light summer reading. Katya Knappe, Toronto Marlies blogger for SB Nation's Pension Plan Puppets, looks at AHL record attendance numbers from last season & team spending patterns ... http://www.pensionplanpuppets.com/2016/7/26/12183116/some-ahl-teams-are-spending-money-as-fast-as-they-make-it http://www.pensionplanpuppets.com/toronto-marlies/2016/7/19/12171538/the-ahl-set-an-attendance-record-and-the-marlies-were-driving-that
  2. I wouldn't have predicted this in 100 years. I thought Hershey had a shot to win the series in 7 games if a lot of things went their way. I thought Toronto in 5, with a couple blow outs by Toronto was more realistic. Even after Hershey won the first two I still thought this series had 6 games written all over it. Hershey played amazingly well in the first two games, but Toronto wasn't slacking off. Hershey just dug deep and overcame in 2 very tight games. I figured with 4 of the last 5 in Toronto it was going to be a severe uphill battle when with the 2-0 series lead. But the 8-2 blowout in game 3 came out of absolutely no where. I was sure Toronto would win this one. At home, looking to prove something. Being the genuinely better, more talented team. Etc etc.. But game 3 was an outright ass whipping. I mean there were 2 short handed goals on 1 penalty that were significant as they put the game out of reach early in the 3rd. I know the series isn't over. I know Toronto is really good and if they figure out how to turn it on they could make a series of this again. I am encouraged by something the BEars radio announcer said (technically the Caps radio announcer) about the Toronto Raptors playing a playoff game and the Red Sox being in town to face the Blue Jays both during Friday's game 4. You have to think that the Marlies aren't going to be more coveted ticket in town so maybe that building will be quiet.
  3. From: The St. John's IceCaps > News > IceCaps News
  4. http://theahl.com/stats/official-game-report.php?game_id=1011067 Actually, a bad week.
  5. To Bears/Capitals Nicolas Deschamps To Marlies/Leafs: Kevin Marshall