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(drum roll please) The winner of the 2017-2018 AHL pickem contest is.........

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Overall standings

mikeman 401

pooch 385

LehighValleyPhantomsPhan 380

caps02 374

PhillyFlash 364

shanie 336


Thanks for everyone who played this season, and I'll be back to run the contest again come October.

AHL pickem trophy.jpg

Edited by caps02

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Much thanks once again to caps02 for running things yet again this year! Nice job! :thumbsup:

Congrats to mikeman on winning a spirited contest this season too! Was most certainly fun, no question! 

Solid 3rd place finish for myself this season too! If I had picked a few games differently, I may have tied for 2nd but didn't but I'm thrilled all the same! Will definitely be back for next season, you can count on it! :thumbsup:

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