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2018-19 Manitoba Bisons/USports Thread

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Spiros Anastas is off to be the head coach of the South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL, farm team to the Washington Capitals and Hershey Bears. They had been coached by Ryan Warsofsky, who got an AHL job in Charlotte.

No further word on a replacement for the Hørny Ones.

► [SCS Press Release: Spiros Anastas Named Stingrays Head Coach]
► [Post & Courier: South Carolina Stingrays’ next head coach will be Spiros Anastas]
► [Post & Courier:  South Carolina Stingrays coach Ryan Warsofsky leaving for AHL’s Charlotte Checkers]
► [Live 5 News: Spiros Anastas Named Stingrays Head Coach]
► [ECHL.com: Anastas named Stingrays head coach]

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icon1.gifAug 8: LISOWAY GOING PRO


Quintin Lisoway is leaving after two years to join former Bison teammate Shaq Merasty with the Rapid City Rush of the ECHL.

Since the Bisons are laden with forwards, this loss won't hurt too badly. His stats were Cy Young-like, 11 goals and 3 assists last year.

So who all is coming back? This is the last thing we find out every year. No team has a 2018-19 roster page up yet. At Elite Prospects, the only returning player to be listed is defenceman Blake Heinrich. It is always great news to see returning defencemen, especially those from the WHL. With pre-season just two weeks away, my hope is that we'll see a Bison roster, or at least a tour roster, up soon.

► [Elite Prospects - Quintin Lisoway]
► [Elite Prospects - Manitoba Bisons]
► [Rapid City Rush - Tweet]

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Just a day after Elite Prospects listed defenceman Blake Heinrich as a returning player, he was announced as a new recruit for the Rapid City Rush, aka Bison Alumni Squad.  He just finished his 2nd season in 2017-18. The Bisons now have two defencemen gone from last year's squad with three recruits coming in (one of which is F/D). They now need a stay-at-home defenceman, preferably from the WHL, to round out the roster.


The Banjo Mutts uploaded their 2018-19 schedule, albeit without any pre-season games. They also had three stories, which are in the links. First, they have a pitch for season tickets for their brand new arena. Rumour has it the building will be Saskatown's 3rd with indoor plumbing! Second, Chris Pronger is the speaker for their Off the Leash Luncheon fundraiser. And third, four Mangy Mutts are off to Europe. Jordon Cooke (Gap in France), Connor Cox (Dundee in the EIHL), and Kendall McFaull and Josh Roach (both to Belfast in the EIHL) are no doubt thrilled to be leaving Sask.


The Bluegars added their pre-season games to the schedule. Here's what they have:

Thu Sep 13 Calgary at Mount Royal
Sat Sep 15 Mount Royal at Alberta
Wed Sep 19 Mount Royal at Minnesota State
Fri Sep 28 Mount Royal at Regina (regular season)
Sat Sep 29 Mount Royal at Regina (regular season)
Thu Oct 04 Mount Royal at St. Cloud State

The game on Sep 13 is new, and completes the 3-team round-robin that weekend. Their games in the States were to be on Oct 6 and 7. Quite a strange twist to be going two separate trips, and to have a game NOT on the designated weekend.

► [Elite Prospects - Blake Heinrich]
► [Elite Prospects - Manitoba Bisons]
► [Rapid City Rush - Tweet]
► [Saskatchewan Schedule]
► [Exclusive Founders Club deal for season tickets in Merlis Belsher Place expires August 15]
► [Chris Pronger to headline 2018 Off the Leash Luncheon]
► [Four Huskies turn pro with degrees in hand]
► [Mount Royal Schedule]

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icon1.png Aug 12: ROSTER LINKS


We should be getting roster pages uploaded as the next phase in the off-season as players officially re-enroll. Thus far, no CW team has a 2018-19 roster page. I have the links to roster pages here for future reference.

► [Alberta Roster]
► [Calgary Roster]
► [Lethbridge Roster]
► [Manitoba Roster]
► [Mount Royal Roster]
► [Regina Roster]
► [Saskatchewan Roster]
► [UBC Roster]

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icon1.png Aug 16: AROUND THE CW


Even though the Bisons start play in just 5 days, there have been no updates on their team page. The schedule page needs to be updated for the Manchester game (Aug 21 instead of 22). The Regina game on Sep 21 has been scrubbed, so they are coming just for the one game on Sep 22.

There are a few links from Manchester. The links include the Facebook Event page and a promo video. Those should also have updates, even if after the game for news and information. I'm not sure if there is an on-line radio link for play-by-play, through their linked radio partner or otherwise.

The Storm have signed a promising young UK player, 19 year-old Adam Barnes. He seems to be a small forward, and hopefully he'll do well. Another Brit, and an Aussie, got NHL rookie camp invites this year.


The CUSN updated with another Tuesday Morning Skate this week, giving recruiting news from around all conferences. One point brought up was that the CW programs are not gettign as much WHL recruits as before, because the players seem to be taking the ECHL offers this year. Speculation is that December could be busier than usual with returning players claiming their scholarship packages.


First, UBC announced one more exhibition game, that being on Sep 22 against Holy Trinity, the defending BCIHL champions. This gives them 6 games in the three weeks before the regular season, two each against the CW, the ACAC, an the BCIHL. They are not facing NCAA teams it would seem.

Second, their grad Neil Manning signed an AHL contract with the Rockford Ice Hogs. He had been playing in Italy.


In the Town of Bedrock the Dinos have announced their exhibition schedule:
Sep 07 MacEwan (ACAC) at Calgary
Sep 08 Calgary at MacEwan (ACAC)
Sep 13 Mount Royal at Calgary
Sep 14 Calgary at Alberta
Sep 19 Mount Royal at Calgary
Sep 21 Calgary v York (at Humboldt)
Sep 22 Calgary at Saskatchewan

The newly announced games are the latter three. Sep 19 conflicts with the MRU schedule, where they claim to have a game scheduled in the USA!


The Evil Monkeys' schedule has not been updated but the ACAC  schedule has added a game on Sep 23 between the Monkeys and the NAIT Ooks in the Athabasca tournament. I suspect a game will be added between the Monkeys and MacEwan to complete that event.


The UQTR Patriotes released their schedule, and it includes a trip to France from Aug 24-29 against opponents TBD, or "à déterminer" since those French have a different word for everything. I haven't been able to find out more about that.

► [Manitoba Bisons Roster]
► [Manitoba Bisons Schedule]
► [Manchester Facebook Event]
► [Manchester Ticket Promo Video]
► [Manchester Radio]
► [Barnes returns home to sign for Storm]
► [Tuesday Morning Skate: August 14th, 2018]
► [Former T-Bird Neil Manning inks AHL contract]
► [UBC Team Schedule]
► [Calgary Team Schedule]
► [MRU Team Schedule]
► [ACAC Schedule]
► [UQTR Schedule]

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Former Bison coach Barry Trotz is bringing the Stanley Cup to Dauphin! That's the only major trophy the Bisons have never won.


The Horny Ones have now released their exhibition schedule, leaving the Banjo Mutts as the only dilatory bunch. Here it is:

Sep 07 Red Deer (ACAC) at Lethbridge
Sep 08 Red Deer (ACAC) at Lethbridge
Sep 21 Lethbridge at Lakehead
Sep 22 Lethbridge at Lakehead
Oct 06 Lethbridge at Western Michigan (NCAA)
Oct 07 Lethbridge at Ferris State (NCAA)
Dec 29 Lethbridge at New Brunswick
Dec 30 Lethbridge v Moncton (in Fredericton)

All of these games were previously announced elsewhere except for the game against Moncton. It seems odd that they are not playing on Sept 14-15, when there are open events in Regina and Edmontown.


Time for a new logo at York. The old one was kind of busy. However, would it not make more sense for sports departments to put additional funds into programs rather than logos? Most of what I have seen in new logos have been good, but so were the old ones.

► [Former Bison men's hockey coach Barry Trotz bringing Stanley Cup to Manitoba]
► [Lethbridge Team Schedule]

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